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Adjourned Emotions

What a pleasure on his hand to lay my head
Forgetting about the rest and memories shed.

The scent in the air truly made things rosy,
It was indeed inviting, and more than cozy.

Never did I know if life really had such days,
As every day I knew was with similar sun's rays.

Head on the pillow and a blanket made me snug,
Never did I know a single action of a hug!

Never did I believe things could go strange,
But depth of emotions brought a saccharine change.

Just one stretched hug was enough to wonder,
That life was more "above" and very less "under".

Head on his hand and a fixed hug alluring sleep,
It was exactly the time I wondered quite deep,

Aren't passions and feelings more to cherish?
Especially when life is a stage and actors perish.

My sweetheart was genuine caring and concerned,
Those were the reasons why my emotions adjourned.

Contributing Writer  Aarti Kamath Developer-turned-Technical Writer working with US based MNC, (INDORION NETWORKS PVT LTD) [email protected]



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