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The dancing leaves on the Peepal tree are telling me life is to be lived free.

The birds and squirrels resting on the tree seem to enjoy life more than me.

A human mind is always on the move trying to accomplish deeds and to prove

that he can conquer mother Earth completely, forgetting that God rules justifiably.

Each and everyone pays for the misdeeds, and is rewarded for all the good feats.

Life is a constantly moving silver screen, where happiness and sorrow come in between.

The best way to live a free life, is to drop all inhibitions and come alive;

Alive and one with nature and its beauty that is a constant reminder of sweetness and purity.

A person with a pure heart and mind, has every richness one can find.

O! Lord I seek no gold or silver, but a conscientious being that is a giver.

I wish I could teach this dying civilization, the meaning of civility and degradation,

where the moving sea of humanity is busy rejoicing others futility;

Too busy revelling in their fellow-beings misfortunes, absolutely forgetting that fate is a sand dune.

Do not forget the great controller, for God is both merciful and a peaceful healer.

If you call yourself a true human being, do your duty and never come between,

life’s true paths and false dreams; for fantasies fall apart, while reality is like a stream;

which keeps moving with purpose and pleasure, not knowing what it may encounter.

I have always been moved by nature, knowing it to be the greatest preacher.

I beseech all human kind to live happily together thanking the Divine,

for God has blessed us with a conscientious mind, to choose right from wrong and to find

the joy of living on this Earth, guided by nature moulded by its worth.

Contributing Writer  Amita enjoys writing stories and poems. Want to get a short story written for children? [email protected]





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