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Indian Politics - 2009

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Youth in Politics

Ever since the poll results of the 15th Lok Sabha are out every body is talking about the young elects of the nation. These politically young (although under 40ís) are the issue in almost in all forums, blogs, print and other media. Although this 15th LS has witnessed many changes like 79 under 40ís, more than 10% of women M.Pís (58), the youngest MP Muhammed Hamdulla Sayeed (26 Years), so on and so forth. The real scenario which is ought to be changed seems to be not changed yet. Nothing has changed. The power is vested in those hands, in which it has been for so many years. Consider the names of the persons who have been embraced by the various portfolios.

Agatha Sangma, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Sachin Pilot, R P N Singh, Jitin Prasada, Arun Yadav, Pratik Prakashbapu Patil. These names remind me of some thing. Yes, these names consist of the sir names of those who served our nation in various political cadres in the past. It seems that the family dynasty era has reentered our country. From the early 1900ís, in India, it was only the business that was run by the families and it seems now the turn came for the politics.


So nothing has changed or I didnít see any thing new, like if it is P.A Sangma earlier it is Ms. Agatha Sangma now and Sachin pilot in the place of Rajesh Pilot. Is that a real change that is going to turn the political scenario or the pace of countries growth? These politically young scions from years are part and parcel of their family run politics in one way or the other. There may be a chance that they were accustomed to see the things from the same window, which their hierarchical heads of the family had show them. Can they come out of the vicious circles of money, political games, power, caste etc to reach the hand of the common man, to lift him from various adversities like poverty, illiteracy, basic amenities that he has been facing from the years?

The lives of many of our countryís political gurus have gone in the process of protecting their seats in politics, satisfying their whims and fancies at the cost of common manís needs and now came the members of the same families to reinforce India. So, nothing has changed (it seems).

Wait, I for got something, it seems something has got changed. Just consider the names we have considered earlier. Agatha Sangma (Lawyer by profession and also an environmentalist) Jyotiraditya Scindia (Worked as an Investment Banker with Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. MBA from Stanford), Sachin Pilot (Worked for 2 years with General Motors. Studied at Wharton Business School, Pennsylvania), R P N Singh (Graduated from St Stephen College, New Delhi), Jitin Prasada (Did his MBA from IMI, New Delhi), Arun Yadav (He is a Commerce graduate.


He enjoys cricket and badminton), Pratik Prakashbapu Patil (Diploma holder in Automobile Engineering). Yes, this is a point to be given a look. It seems that we have found a ray of hope for the uplift we have been waiting for. In the current global scenario where the neighboring countries are suffering from internal conflicts and some are piling the nuclear resources and posing a threat for Indiaís sovereignty and in some countries our people are being assaulted due to racial discriminations. What India needs is the proactive leadership not a reactive one which the country is experiencing hitherto. The young India is characterized by individuality, inquisitiveness and aspiration to achieve. These are the qualities that need to be adopted by the so called politically young elects of the country. May with their sound knowledge which they have gained from the premium institutes in the world and using the experiences which they have got from their families and mixing it with their intuition, these young guns can give a new face to the India by accelerating its growth pace.

Yes, there is a need for a proactive leadership rather than a reactive one and as an optimist I strongly believe that the change has begun and if not today definitely in the near future these young politicians are going to keep India in a glorified position with their educational qualifications, experience from their families and intuition.

Contributed By:  Suresh Kumar Ch, I completed B.Tech and doing my M.B.A now. [email protected]

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are purely that of the Contributing Writer.



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