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Simple Tips to Make Moving Homes Easier

Ask anyone and they will tell you that moving homes is not an easy task. Packing and moving a complete household takes time, efforts and a lot of planning. If you have done it before, you probably know that systematic planning, organized packing and coordinated efforts are a must to avoid unnecessary panic and last minute delays. Don't forget that once you reach your new home, unpacking will be another big task. So pack accordingly.

Here are some simple tips that can help you organise your packing and final home move -

1. Start Well in Advance - It takes more time than anticipated to pack all your belongings systematically. Always start a little in advance so that you don't have to overdo at the end.

2. Don't Pack What You Don't Need - A house move gives you a great opportunity to clear clutter from your home and your life. Look through all your belongings - clothes, footwear, files, papers, mementos and other knick knacks. Keep only what you really want and discard the rest. Give away items in good condition to charity. Sell off extra furniture and other items that you may not need.


3. Pack Well - If you are planning to pack your things yourself start with the basics

  • Arrange large as well as small, sturdy boxes to hold your things.

  • Get lots of bubble wrap, sealing tape and old newspapers for wrapping things.

  • Group items according to their size and weight.

  • If you prefer it, pack items of each room together so that unpacking and settling each room of the house becomes easier.

  • Wrap breakables, glass items, show pieces and cutlery with bubble wrap and newspapers.

  • Put the bigger items at the bottom of the box.

  • Seal each packed box securely and and label them so that you know what is where. If you prefer it, take print outs of signs such as "Handle With Care" for boxes that hold breakables, "Books" for boxes that contain books, "clothes" for boxes containing clothes etc.

  • Keep all your important bank documents, papers and files together.

  • Store all your keys in key rings and keep them safely.

Your aim should be to simplify the job. Make it as easy and organised as you can and moving will be a breeze for you!

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