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Beating The Heat in Summers - Swimming For Health, Recreation & Fun

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The Pleasures of Swimming & Importance of Maintaining Pool Hygiene

Swimming is one of the most enjoyable and invigorating outdoor water sports that people of all age groups can indulge in. Whether you are looking for a refreshing break from the summer heat or longing for a recreational activity that the entire family can enjoy together, swimming is definitely one of the best options there is.

Swimming Is Fun Taking a dip in the pool on a hot summer day or gliding through its fresh blue waters can be a fun way to relax, unwind and rejuvenate your tired body and stressed mind. This is probably the reason why pool parties are so popular with today’s generation who are living a highly demanding and hectic life. 

Swimming Is Healthy All of us know the importance of staying fit and swimming is just as good a form of exercise as walking, jogging or cycling. Besides weight reduction, swimming benefits a person’s cardiovascular system, improves muscle strength, flexibility and posture as well as helps in toning all parts of the body. Swimming provides a sense of freedom and removes lethargy from both the body as well as the mind.

Swimming Is Good For Kids If you have children, you must consider enrolling them to a Club or Activity Centre where they can take up swimming classes on weekends, during holidays or whenever possible. Not only is swimming a highly valuable skill to have in terms of personal safety, it also plays an important role in conditioning a child’s body from an early age and making them confident individuals.

Don’t Forget Pool Hygiene Just as the health benefits of swimming can not be underestimated, the dangers of not maintaining personal and pool hygiene can also not be ignored.

Irrespective of whether you swim in your own personal pool at home or a public swimming pool at the Club etc, you should never undermine the importance of pool hygiene and personal cleanliness before, during and after entering a pool. This is because a swimming pool that is not kept in good sanitary conditions can actually become a home for diseases rather than a recreational heaven.


In the absence of proper pool hygiene and cleanliness regime followed by those using the swimming pool, several diseases and health conditions can be passed on from one pool user to the other. These include nose and throat infection, cold and cough, conjunctivitis, respiratory problems, skin infection as well as gastro intestinal infection, among others. Hence, to avoid the spread of these, make sure to pay attention to your own personal hygiene as well as the hygiene of the pool you intend swimming in.

Personal Hygiene & Healthy Swimming Tips
• Take a cleansing shower before entering the pool and don’t forget the foot bath.
• Wash your hands thoroughly, especially after using the toilet.
• Always wear a clean swimming suit and wash it after every use.
• Do not enter the pool if you are suffering from allergies or other illnesses such as diarrhea, eye or skin infection as they may spread to others as well.


• Do not wear contact lenses while swimming as both your eyes and your lenses can get infected.
• At all times, avoid swallowing or getting pool water in your mouth.
• Tie up your hair and wear a cap before getting into the pool.
• Avoid putting any kind of lotion. If you have, make sure to wash it off during the shower.
• Always use clean washed towels and wash them well after every use.

Swimming Do’s & Don’ts for Children
• Make sure that your kids are trained by a professional before allowing them to swim.
• Never leave young children unattended anywhere near a swimming pool.
• Take your children on regular bathroom breaks.
• Train them to maintain personal cleanliness and hygiene.
• If your child is suffering from any illness, do not allow them to swim or enter the pool.

Swimming Pool - Cleaning & Maintenance
Devote the necessary time and attention in maintaining proper sanitary conditions in your home swimming pool if you want to have a healthy and happy swimming experience. Those of you who use a public pool must see to it that the management and staff take care of swimming pool hygiene at all times.

Chlorine disinfectants are added to the pool water in order to kill germs that infect the water and cause illnesses to the swimmers. Those maintaining the swimming pool must educate themselves with regards to the right quantity of chlorine that should be added and at what intervals of time.

In the event that you suffer from skin or eye irritation from being in the pool, inform the authorities about it and get the water checked to make sure that it is clean the next time.

• The pool should be disinfected regularly to keep bacteria and micro organisms at bay.
• The filtration and water circulation of the pool must be attended to.
• In order to reduce the chances of infection, the pool and deck area, the showers, changing rooms, handrails, etc – everything must be kept clean and disinfected regularly.
• Proper procedures must be followed to empty the pool from time to time in order to scrub the floors etc.
• Those cleaning the swimming pool should also maintain personal hygiene.
• A quality skimmer must be used to pull out leaves, insects and other articles that may fall into the water.
• A good quality plastic pool cover may be used to cover the pool to prevent it from getting dirty especially if the pool will not be used for sometime.
• Food items and drinks should be avoided near the pool.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to make swimming a part of your regular exercise routine. Begin your day feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with a few laps or end the day with a relaxing night dip to let go of all the tensions of a long and tiring day – the choice is yours! Become a responsible swimmer and enjoy the benefits of swimming!

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