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What Kind of Hotels Are Suitable

Gone are the days, when business was dealt in cramped offices and narrow conference halls. What with the corporate culture riding high the pillion of the business world, business has a new definition like never before. Businessmen seek not hotels of bricks and mortar but of ambience, warmth and service orientation.

Quality hotels are in vogue for power meetings and clinching deals. The hotel has to cater to the ever growing needs of an organization ,which wants the best .Comfort is given the top most priority. A good hotel complete with adequate facilities like receiving customers and giving them the best, never goes unnoticed. The hotel rooms or suites provided for the business delegates should be elegant, tasteful with ample lighting. Cleanliness is an important aspect as untidiness can put off the customer. Well made beds ,sofas for rendezvous and chairs make the room convenient and sufficiently satiate the customer. Basic toiletries like shampoos, soaps, moisturizers put the customer at ease and not make them rummage their suitcases for the same. Ashtrays should be placed strategically across the rooms. Stationery like writing paper, pens, pencils will prove to be handy to the customer.

The lobby has known to be the hotbed for many a business deals. A well furnished lobby, stacked with business magazines, newspapers and table books is helpful to the customer in passing his time, waiting for a business partner or a meeting to start. Coffee shops, with a carefully done menu of snacks and beverages, is definitely an added attraction. The vital part of the business - class catering hotels are generally endowed with spacious conference halls.


Plush chairs and a rich centre table complete the conference hall. The conference hall should have media appliances like projectors for presentations, briefings and video screening. Fax and photocopy machines save the customer trouble and help him/her in running the meeting/conference smoothly. Lighting should not be too harsh or dim. The size of conference rooms should differ accordingly so as to cater to the required purpose.

A hotel with round-the-clock restaurants is a blessing to its customers ,who arrive at midnight or odd hours of the day and for foreign delegates. Exotic, delicious meals can perk up many a rotten moods and raise the spirits of tired long-distance traveling businessmen. The menu should be multi cuisine, so as to give the customers a wide range to choose from. Prompt service and a well -laid table in the right etiquette can never go unrewarded. A well- decorated restaurant with paintings and statuettes or a theme lifts the appearance of the restaurant. A hotel with beautiful, well tended lawns in the prime with lovely flowers, trimmed bushes and deep green trees soothes the eyes and creates a tranquil atmosphere. Such an environment, can soothe an over-stressed businessman or an irritated one. Sparkling, artistic waterfalls placed in the lawns transforms the lawns. Pebbled pathways and cozy benches make the garden pleasant enough for a morning walk or a late night stroll in the moonlight.

The pivotal point of a good catering business hotel is the housekeeping department. A hotel is always remembered for its prompt service and also most importantly pleasant bearers, who take care of the smallest request of a customer. Extra towels, cosy blankets and a smiling bearer help in travelling that extra mile required to reach good hotel standards.

Many a customer arriving at hotel, complain of poor transportation facilities by the hotel ,which ends up in the customer grumbling about the standards of hotel and forming an poor impression of the establishment from the very beginning. A comfortable car and a good chauffeur, who receives the customer in good time, saves the customer his valuable time and energy.

Attractive facilities like wi-fi enabled areas in the hotel helps the customer in dealing with his business efficiently. A mini sized refrigerator in a hotel room ,well stacked, provides nibblets and cold beverages for customers at all hours. Sufficient plug points have to be placed across the room, for the customer to charge his cellphone, laptop and other such items.


Clean laundry is essential ,as many a customer rely on the laundry department to get their clothes ready in time for meetings and conferences. Power buffet luncheons and dinners fit the fare of a business customer perfectly. Good corporate discounts are eye-candy to any organization, who frequent hotels on a regular basis. A refreshing welcome drink after a tiring trans-continental journey or a fresh fruit basket given at the arrival, puts the hotel in the customer's good books. On a different note, a hotel should have a distinct mark of its own, a signature, which would appeal the customer to visit again. This specialty service can be anything like ;- steaming hot coffee in an Ethiopian hotel, vegetarian meal in a Nigerian hotel, a chess board on the marble floor in a Jaipuri hotel, a moonlight dinner on the taj side, a scenic lobby out of a Himalayan hotel, a sunrise/sunset over a sea, a herbal massage in a spa.

Overall, a good hotel should convey warmth, hospitality and goodwill to serve its customers for years and centuries to come. A good hotel should age gracefully with times and emerge as solid, respectable establishments with goodwill in serving and satisfying customers.

Contributed By: B. divya chemical engineer by qualification. I used to work for a bank, but now working as a trainee in a pharmaceutical industry. Writing is my passion and is my pathway to happiness. Happy reading! [email protected]



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