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SMS Sabotage

I decided to wake up late on a Sunday morning when a beep of an SMS alert on my mobile phone woke me up. I annoyingly woke up to see a religious promotional quotation which kept popping up at least 15-20 times a day for the last one month. After an hour, I again got a message from the same number saying 30 bucks have been deducted from my prepaid mobile connection for using their premium service for the last month. This raised my frustration to its boiling point.

Spam text messages are growing out of control raising questions as to how the marketing companies catch hold of the database of millions of numbers. Messages generally comprise of ring tone download offers, nonsensical cricket quiz, insurance policies, bank loans, stock options, astrology and the list is ruthlessly unending. These include some automated voice calls as well, which keep coming until you pick up the call.

Generally this menace rises exponentially on the weekends with a wake up call early in the morning. Sometimes a glitch in the system causes the same message to be received at least 4-5 times


These killer spam messages are great business for the advertising companies as they are fast, cheap and reach larger number of audience. These unsolicited messages disturb people amidst meetings, family dinners, holidays and now they started becoming a wake up call on a weekend as well. In many phones the messages cannot be deleted until they are opened. Now-a-days any electronics goods bought in the market comes in a package deal. One has to give details of the mobile number and give them permission to bother with all the unwanted promotional offers, new deals and services offered by the company. The height of torture is reached when subscribers like me have to not only painstakingly delete dozens of junk SMSes but also pay from the pocket for going through the headache.

Fast growing SMS spam is the biggest threat to the service providers as low cost internet portals allow SMS messages to be sent on a lot at a very low cost in no time. So, how to filter and kill SMS spam is the question in every users mind. I had to immediately block all the messages from the number and de-activate the so called premium service being offered to me. I called up my service providers toll-free number, lodged a complaint against the mobile number and asked him to block all the messages from the number. But in some other cases the messages are sent from a series of numbers and it is difficult to track the sender.

All the tele-marketing messages can be blocked by asking the service provide to provide the facility of Do Not Disturb, generally called DND by most of the service providers.


But, this has the risk of blocking some relevant marketing messages as well. In some high end mobile phones, Spam Managers can be installed which filter the messages and block SPAM to some extent.

Till the technology of filtering SPAM messages catches up and become available to the common man, base model phone users like you and me need to be ready to give away weekend sleep to a junk message.

Contributing Writer Surya Kumari Govindu A vivacious reader and writer looking forward to making it a profession. [email protected]

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