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Roommates: Can or Canít Live with Them

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Roommates: Can or Canít Live with Them

Having differences among roommates can weigh heavily on the minds of roommates, but there are numerous solutions to keeping your living arrangement from becoming a living nightmare.

1. Probably the number one issue among roommates is the level of cleanliness each prefers. If you are a neat freak, living with someone who doesnít clean very often, if at all, can become a huge problem. The first instinct of the neat freak would be to clean up after the messy roommate. But this is about the worst that you could do to help the problem. By cleaning up, you are inadvertently telling your roommate that you donít mind cleaning up after them. A way to help the problem, rather than cover it up would be to discuss your different levels of cleanliness, and maybe agree to have certain cleaning times for the common areas, such as cleaning two or three times a week, versus cleaning every day. Another solution would be to divide the chores. Itís possible that your messy roommate doesnít like to clean or clean very often because of the numerous tasks involved. By dividing the chores, your messy roommate is more likely to help out if they only have to focus on certain things rather than everything.


By solving this problem, your living arrangement will be much more agreeable to you, rather than constantly being frustrated at how much cleaning you do and your roommate doesnít do.

2. Another huge factor in roommate disagreements is lack of communication. Communication is vital in roommate relationships, just as it is in any other relationship. Having good communication amongst roommates is a huge plus, especially when it comes preventing any issues that may arise, before they start. For instance, talking about one anotherís pet peeves and habits are good ways to avoid irritating each other.

3. Another factor that can play havoc with roommates getting along is lifestyle. If you are a person who enjoys the quiet, then having a roommate who likes loud music and partying could be a nightmare. But talking over schedules for quiet time can greatly relieve the stress of living with someone who is the opposite of you.

Having a roommate can be a great experience, even if the two of you donít enjoy all of the same things.

 There are numerous ways to get around and avoid issues that could potentially ruin your roommate relationship. Just because you and your roommate are polar opposites, doesnít mean that you canít cohabitate the same place.

By working together and compromising can vastly increase your roommate experience.

Contributing Writer  Bill Hinson [email protected]

Zack Fair writes articles for Rental Markets Inc. managing a - Roommates Community site that serves as a roommate search engine as well as a community for people to find roommates -


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