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Role of Teachers in a Student / Child's Life

Children are like clay in a potter's hands. Just as a potter gives a desired shape to the clay in his hands, so do children become what their parents make them. This is primarily the reason why the early growing years in a child's life are the most crucial and lay the foundation for developing their nature, personality and the individual self.

These days, more and more children live in a household where both parents are working and often, such children rely heavily on their teachers for help, advice and guidance. There is no denying the fact that the role of a teacher in a student's life is very crucial right from the time when a child joins a day care centre to the stage when he / she takes a step forward towards establishing a professional career.

My Teacher, My Caretaker :
The first instance when an individual comes in contact with a teacher is when he / she is a toddler. A large percentage of working mothers all over the world send their children to day care where the child is taken care of, from morning to evening by teachers who feed them, play with them and take care of their every need. 

My Teacher, My Friend :
The concept of play schools has become quite popular. Before starting regular schools, many parents enroll their children to play schools where kids of similar age groups come in contact with one another. Here too, teachers become a child's trusted friend and teach kids to open their minds to new activities, thoughts and information.

My Teacher, My Knowledge Bank: Proper education is the need of the day if we want our country to progress. This is because every child must be given the best level of education possible and to achieve this, it is essential to develop proper infrastructure, open new schools in villages as well as cities and hire well trained, motivated teachers who can not only act as facilitators of education but also guide students and become a good role model for them.

Besides school education, the years spent in college also shape the future of individuals. Here again, Lecturers and Professors have the power to truly inspire these young individuals to develop their thought processes and choose the right path in their pursuit for quality education. 

My Teacher, My Inspiration: Without even realizing it, teachers have the ability to create a strong like or dislike for the subject they teach their students. The most monotonous / serious subjects can be made interesting by an inspired and dedicated teacher.

Often text books and curriculums become outdated. However, an inspired teacher can overcome these issues by keeping themselves updated with new concepts, teaching methodologies, and technological breakthroughs. It has been rightly said that 'children are the future of any country' and teachers play an important role in shaping their bright future.

Contributing Writer   Akanksha is a freelance article and content writer. She likes to pen down her thoughts and views on various topics.  [email protected]


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