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Real Estate in the US

Real estate agents in US

Recently, there was an appealing article in the New York Times regarding the property agents in Cuba. The report clearly said that the real estate agents in Cuba are much superior to those in US. It is because these individuals in Cuba are capable of keeping trail of oodles of other deals with even making a written note of them. All these skills need superior and advanced recollection and remembrance. This also signifies that they ought to be very well turned-out folks. It is very tricky and hard to escape doing a job of real estate agent in Havana. It is easier to be a property agent in US rather than Havana.

Since the principles are fairly motivating and appealing in Cuba.

The standard set there to continue as a real estate agent is not so high. One only needs sharp skills and good knowledge to survive as a real estate agent there. They are also no exams taken or no licenses granted there. A real estate agent needs to be having a very good network to survive in Havana.

Also Cuban real estate agents are very well fortunate and lucky with a rich and well-off facility. They also have a very immense and huge network accompanied with plenty and masses of link and associates. It is really a tough process to stay as a property agent in Havana.

To go there and become a real estate agent is hard; staying there in this profession is harder. Its one of the most striking feature is that there is no need of any particular education or giving any exams for excelling in this field. The Cuban real estate agent is so good at his work that he does not even need to form any organization or alliance to symbolize or signify their own principles and morals.

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