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Growing Popularity of Beauty Salons and Parlours

Be it working women or house wives, college students or even school children, visiting a good skin, hair and fitness salon has become the in-thing, a must do, a necessity. In fact, men's salons are also growing by the day and receive huge male clientele, those looking for specialized hair and skin care services.

Let's face it, looking good is no longer just the privilege of the rich and famous. It has become a priority for people belonging to all strata's of society who are becoming more and more conscious about how they look and what they can do to enhance their appearance.


Such a change in the outlook of people is probably the reason why the beauty, fashion and cosmetic industries are growing by leaps and bounds. Of course, such a growth has also been responsible for creating several Job and Career opportunities with Beauty Salons for a large number of individuals who want to work with beauty salons.

Besides some of the high end premium salon chains tat can be found in all parts of the country such as Lakme Beauty Salon, Villa Appearances, Madonna etc, a mushrooming effect can also be seen with the large number of home parlors and smaller salons opening up in almost every local market and locality. Depending on the kind of service you require, and the rates you can afford, you have the choice of selecting from a large range of beauty salons all promising some of the best services and close attention to delivering satisfaction each time you visit them.

Most modern day parlours offer a whole lot of specialized services tailor made for your specific needs. In fact, salons are completely booked during the wedding seasons as they offer complete pre bridal and bridal beauty services customized to individual requirements and tastes. This includes beauty treatments and skin care that begins several weeks before the wedding as well as bridal makeup, hair and dressing up on the wedding day.

Some of the most common services you can opt for in today's beauty salons include -

- Threading : removal of unwanted facial hair around the eyebrows, upper lip, chin etc.

- Waxing : removal of unwanted hair on arms, legs, neck etc

- Skin Care: Manicure, Pedicure

- Beauty treatments such as facials, blackhead removal, bleach, skin polishing.

- Hair : Hair dye, hair coloring, perming, curling, straightening, henna, oil massage, hair cutting and styling, mehendi.

- Makeup : Simple day time makeup, party makeup, bridal makeup, stage and waterproof makup etc. - Mehendi and much more.

Despite the fact that visiting salons has become a necessity, what can also not be forgotten is the fact that there are chances of the spread of infection if proper cleanliness and hygiene is not maintained. Keep in mind the Essentials of a Good Beauty Salon while choosing a beauty salon that will offer quality and safe services to your for your regular beauty and skin care needs.

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