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Significance of Colours in Our Lives


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Playing With Colours - Colour Therapy


"Yellow is gracias warm and vivacious ever expansively yellow"
"Green is suitable so multitudable so ever wonderfully green"
"Blue is so fine so very sublime so ever beautifully blue"
"Red can be frightful even delightful but always surprisingly red"
"orange atleast is a veritable feast ever so edible orange"

Have you ever wondered that a colour can change your personality? or it can even affect your mood?

In our daily life colour has a huge role to play. It can heal us from many diseases or psychological disorders. Colours can enhance our personality and it can even bring luck to anyone's life. These are not some tantrums that I am writing about but basically this phenomenon is known as "Colour Therapy".

Colour therapy is also know as "chromotherapy". The effects of colour on our mood, health and way of thinking have been studied by scientists over years. Colours are visible light of certain wavelengths. It enters our bodies, stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands, affects certain hormones and in turn our physiological process is varied. This explains why colour has been found to have direct influence on our mind, thoughts, moods and behaviour

The use of colour therapy has a long history. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks built healing temples of light and colour. In India and China, colour carried a greater impact, and it plays an integral part in Ayurvedic Medicine. In the U.S. and Europe, the therapeutic use of colour developed in the second half of 19th century.

Colours can treat you from Asthma to Yellow fever - for e.g. during allergy one can increase the use of indigo and soft orange or a person suffering from Typhoid can use more amount of Green to cure it. Likewise several diseases can be treated by colours.

Studies have revealed that

  • People who are very fond of mauve, red, violet, blue and purple or often use these colours in their daily lives are the very sympathetic. They always aim to have a successful relationship after marriage. They like their husband/wife to hold a topmost position and try to help them in their day to day work. They are sacrificing in nature.

  • Those people who love the colour black feel lonely even in a huge crowd. Their thinking is philosophical and love to stay lonely. But if loneliness extends, then people should avoid using this colour. Instead they should use brighter colours.

  • Those people who prefer blue are always confident and are soft hearted. They always wait for the right scope to avail.

  • Red is a vibrant colour. People who love red are stubborn in nature. They love to fight the situation and do anything to make things go their way. But they denote simplicity. They don't like criticism or backbiting.

  • People attracted to pastel shades are the one who don't like changes. They are very hardworking and dedicated towards their work. They get success in life suddenly.

Use of alternate colours will be beneficial for everyone inspite of using the same one frequently. Colours can bring luck to anyone's life if they are being correctly used. People should practice the perfect way to influence these colours in their daily life whether for physical ailment or for their psychological disorders.

Thus we find that using right colours may even can bring luck and prosperity to anyone's life. What is important is to use it the correct way.  Contributing Writer - Aroma Dey [email protected]






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