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Picnic Checklist – How to Enjoy a Good Picnic?

Picnics are favourite family outings the world over. The mere thought of going on a picnic is an exciting proposition for all family members, young and old. If you want to go on a picnic with your family & friends and are unsure about where to go, what to carry with you and how to make the experience truly special and pleasant for kids and grandparents alike, here’s a handy checklist –


First things first, select a Picnic Spot – This is one of the most important decisions you need to take, one that has to be agreed upon by all those who will be accompanying you on the picnic. Some of the most common options include a well known picnic spot that is meant to host picnics, a cool sandy beach, beautiful green parks, a botanical garden, picturesque lakeside or riverside or even your own kitchen garden!

Just remember that the venue chosen for your picnic should be safe for everyone, especially for the aged or the very young if they are accompanying you.

Reaching your Picnic Spot – Decide on how you are going to reach the destination. If you are going to use public conveyance, make sure to find out the timings of departure and arrival. For those of you who prefer to drive, make a list of everyone attending the picnic and arrange for sufficient cars so that everyone can reach the picnic spot comfortably and happily.

Select your Picnic Food Menu, goodies for everyone – The picnic meal deserves all the attention it can get. After all, food occupies an important place when it comes to enjoying a true outdoor picnic. Hence, start planning in advance to decide what kind of food items would be best suited to carry and will be liked the most by all picnic attendees.

The food you take with you to the picnic should be easy to pack in air-tight containers, cling foils and plastic boxes and easy to serve in disposable plates. Carry plenty of supplies of disposable spoons, glasses and paper napkins.



It is always a good idea to take into consideration what the kids like so you can have a rocking picnic menu that is a hit with all the little ones too. Sandwiches, cakes, cutlets, kebabs and rolls are the best choice. These can be packed easily and make the least amount of mess while eating. If you are going on a picnic on a summer day, cans of cold drinks, flasks of cold water, homemade ice-tea and lemonade are good choices. For winter picnics, you can carry lots of hot tea, coffee or soup.

Essentials to Carry – If a baby is going, take enough bottles, flask of hot water, formula, diapers, wipes and bibs etc. Don’t forget to carry a change of clothes for babies and small kids too.

Sunscreen lotions are also important to stay safe in the sun. For easy walking, it is a good idea to wear sports shoes.

What’s for Entertainment? – Your picnic checklist is incomplete without supplies for entertainment. These could range from books, magazines and board games like Lotto, & Scrabble as well as Balls, Frisbees and Badminton Rackets.
Rubber toys and rattles for babies are a must too because they need to be kept happy for the others to enjoy.

Getting Comfortable – Carry sufficient mats and thick sheets to spread on the ground at your picnic spot.

Staying Safe – Health always comes first hence, be prepared with a handy first-aid box. Inhalers for the asthmatics, pain killers, band-aid and other allergy medicines are a must too.

If you have ticked-off all the items mentioned above, you are sure to have a rollicking time and return home happy, safe and satisfied! Just one more thing, in all your fun and enjoyment, don’t forget to leave your picnic spot clean and spick, just the way you found it.

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