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Parenting in Today's Competitive World

Parenting has become “Competitive parenting” in today’s world. Competition has always been a hallmark of parenting, and in today's success-driven society we measure our child up to his or her peers. Keep in mind that your child is an individual- and that's a good thing! All children take their time to develop, and have their own particular strengths. So what if Tom walked at 10 months and Peter walked at 15 months? Global competition is real, but so is the timing of childhood milestones.” says Michael Thompson, Ph.D., author of The Pressured Child and co-author of the best-selling Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys.

Parents are overly involved in their child’s success both in academics and sports. We want our child to be first in everything. The same thought is also in the other parent, but do we think for a moment if all the children could stand first.


Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there was a world where children could play at being children. Today, playing fields have become places where adults measure up their children in the early phases of the race to Harvard.

We want our child to learn many languages, music, painting, swimming, and sports. There is not one skill that the child is trained or exposed to whereby the child is always running from one class to another, leaving no room for him to be himself. Accept that he is a child and has to enjoy his phase of childhood. The theory of “survival of the fittest” applies to each and every walk of the society. So a question that arises in our mind is how to bring up our children in order to face competitive world and emerge successful.

Follow These:

• Maintain a happy and loving home environment.
• Believe in them and teach them to believe in themselves.
• Give the child his time to learn. Retain their uniqueness by not comparing.
• Creativity and inquisitiveness is one blessing about childhood, allow it to grow.
• Teach him healthy competitive rules but don’t pressurize him to compete always.
• Make them understand that interest and commitment alone will lead to success, be an example.
• Assist them in identifying their interest and do all that you can to develop that skill.
• Stimulate and Cultivate the creativity in him for his deep rooted desire will make him an “achiever”
• Inculcate in children the value of being self dependent and this can be taught through example.
• Praise them often and openly, appreciation does wonders.
• Allow the children to grow and learn through the mistakes they make.
• Children especially during the exams need crystal clear communication, cooperation, understanding and mental peace. We should try not to put any kind of pressure on the child.

• Library inculcates a sense of discipline in children. It also makes them kind and compassionate in the sense that library teaches them to share books and exchange ideas. So have a library at home.
• You need to encourage the right values and behaviors in them thereby bring discipline. As an old saying goes: "The best way to teach character is to have it around the house."


Lack of time is a parenting issue that has come up in recent years with the accelerating pace of life, and particularly when both the parents are working. For parents genuinely hard pressed for time, simply speaking the truth and expressing their feelings clearly to them, hugging the children often and laughing with them whenever possible would be great.

The different roles and duties parents have to perform keep changing as the children grow up. Parents need to be self-controlled, tolerant, selfless, patient, generous, kind, flexible, and above all, givers of unconditional love. It is difficult, no doubt, but it has been done for centuries and shall continue for many more. So, let us teach best values that will lead our children to live prosperously in life.

Contributed By:  Indra, M.A., M.Phil in English Literature. I was a full time teacher for five years after which I have become a freelance online teacher, creative and content writer. I have a flair for writing and enjoy writing on youth, women, and education. [email protected]







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