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Importance of Mirrors - Interior Decoration, Amusement Parks, Self Analysis

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall : Whos the Fairest of All

You cant hide anything from the mirror or so they say. Mirrors never lie. They are a true reflection of yourself. Frankly speaking, people fashion themselves in front of the mirror, but did anyone realize that mirrors should be in fashion too!

Mirrors play an important part in leisure, decoration, art and entertainment. One can stand hours in front of the mirror praising or admonishing themselves. Mirrors are used as a source of entertainment. One sees people enjoying themselves when they look fat, thin, long or short in front of mirrors in the fairs. The hall of mirrors, commonly found in amusement parks, is an attraction in which a number of distorted mirrors are used to produce unusual reflections of the visitor. Mirror mazes, also found in amusement parks, contain large numbers of mirrors and sheets of glass. The idea is to navigate the disorientating array without bumping into the walls.


Mirrors are often used in magic to create an illusion. One effect is called Pepper's ghost. Illuminated rotating disco balls covered with small mirrors are used to cast moving spots of light around a dance floor.

Mirrors can also be used for interior decoration. Mirrors, especially large and unframed can be used to create an illusion of space and amplify the apparent size of the room.

Mirrors are often referred to as the aspirin of Feng Shui. They are very powerful and can energize a room effectively. Placing a mirror by an entrance will encourage the energy to flow and circulate around your home more easily.

One must remember certain points while choosing mirrors. Always use clean, good quality new mirrors, although the frames might me antique. The bigger, the better. When hanging a mirror, you should be able to see the whole of your head and at least 5 inches above it. The softness of old mirrors is sometimes replicated by contemporary artisans for use in interior design. These reproduction antiqued mirrors are works of art and can bring color and texture to an otherwise hard, cold reflective surface. It is an artistic process that has been attempted by many and perfected by few.

Contributed by: Ivneet Kaur [email protected]






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