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Three Cheers to IPL

Yesterday, 1st June 2008 was the culmination of the successful completion of a voyage of 45 days - a journey, in which every moment, was an opportunity to explore!

Yes, I'm talking about the culmination of IPL matches. And what a match it was! Till the last ball nobody knew who will be the champion. In fact the commentators even looked at the option of having a bowl out , incase the scores level.

Shane Warne, the spin bowling mentor or wizard was truly an inspirational personality, on and off field. He brought out the best from the players and that too from a bunch of the so called "inexperienced " ones - the credit of the victory should go only to Shane Warne who has moulded and taught the team members how to interact and understand each other better. I salute you, Mr Warne for helping the youngsters discover their wings and at the same time encouraged them to soar high.


What should one say about the spirited MS Dhoni who also equally responded well to all the moves by Shane Warne in a clam and composed manner – a perfect team leader? He took the responsibility for the failure on behalf of his team in all departments- fielding, batting and bowling and very nicely did not point finger at any one person – He proved that “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success” If the opening match at Bangalore saw a few youngsters walking in with anxious faces, the final match at Mumbai saw them walking out with confidence fully satisfied with the encouragement received from the various teams.

Lalit Modi & Co., was quick to learn from the mistakes committed, but one must Congratulate him for the biggest entertainment which lasted 45 days. THANK YOU , Mr Modi for tapping these inherent talents and making everyone realise that each player is gifted in a unique way and important way.

Hey, come on! it is 8.00 pm, tune in to SONY MAX for the IPL Show- When will the next show be?

Contributing Writer  Kavitha S, I'm a post graduate in Economics with a flair for writing. I'm a home maker now. [email protected]


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