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Is the World Becoming a Global Village?

"Global village1", the term introduced by P. Wyndham Lewis in his book America and Cosmic Manóif stands very true for today's world which has shrinked into a small village as far as communication and deliverance of information is concerned. Infact as referred in the book, different dimensions of mass media which includes television, internet, world wide web, radio have made the world collapse  into a small village where time barrier and distance is no longer a barrier for the communication of news or information.

In the introduction to McLuhan's Understanding Media2 he writes: 'Today, after more than a century of electric technology, we have extended our central nervous system in a global embrace, abolishing both space and time as far as our planet is concerned'.


An earthquake in bhuj is telecasted all across the world live, courtesy internet and television. So time is not a barrier anymore and any news and information can be spread across the world in span of few seconds. Similarly the news of sunami in India and Thailand was spread across the whole world in
few seconds and people actually watched it live. This tryly proves that world is very small as if distance barrier doesn't exist at all.

An innovative medium of Internet has connected the whole world as if you are sitting next door and passing on the information to someone. You sit in India and write a mail to someone in London and it reaches there in less than one minute.

Similarly through the medium of chats you can have a live discussion with people sitting in the opposite corner of the continent. It also gives you the flexibility to actually see the person you are chatting with Via Web cam. Isn't amazing. Another medium for fast forward spread of information is cell phones. Wherever you are you can always stay in touch with your near and dear one's via sms or calls. You don't need to look for a fixed phone to call up someone. It becomes so easy to communicate with the flexibility of a cell phone , which you can use any time and anywhere. SMS is another craze , which gives you flexibility and convenience to send messages and information from any place you are standing or sitting. You don't need a computer or internet or even a fixed phone to do so. Just type in few words and send the message across to any corner of the world. This really makes me wonder, is not the world becoming a global village with no barrier whatsoever of distance or time. This is true sense is giving a new sense of world community on the platform of a world wide forum.

1 "Global Village" term used by P. Wyndham Lewis in his book America and Cosmic Manóif
2-Information quoted from Marshall McLuhan's 'Global Village' written by Benjamin Symes

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