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Flag: Symbol of Culture and Heritage

Flag is a nation's pride and is a symbol of its rich culture and identity. The same can be seen in the United Kingdom, whose flag is a true replica of its deep- rooted religion and culture. It got its birth by the superimposition of three Crosses- St. George's Cross from Flag of England, St. Andrew's Cross from Scottish Flag and St. Patrick's Cross from Ireland.


England: The Red Cross of Saint George on the white background is a Flag of England. It is claimed that King of England Richard -The Lionhearted honored St. George by becoming the first king to embrace the Flag during his religious wars on the Holy Land of Jerusalem. St. George was born in 270 A.D. He was a true Christian and a soldier who served in the Roman Army. In 1415, he was bestowed with the title of patron saint. Eventually St. George was beheaded as he declined to give up his faith and protected his religion.In the last few years, Flag of England had regained its innate pattern and since then has been increasingly used as a logo to support England at sports events particularly at soccer games.

Scotland: The Flag illustrating a white diagonal cross on the blue background is the Scottish Flag. This Cross-is of St. Andrew who was a Christian preacher. Legend says that Romans persecuted St. Andrew on a diagonal cross in twelfth century and after many years of his death, his mortal remains were brought to Scotland.

Wales: The Red Dragon has been the traditional emblem of Wales since centuries. Romans were the first to introduce Red Dragon to Britain and later it became a proud symbol for Saxon Kings too. It is said that in twelfth century, Dragon became an approved official symbol and a model of Cadwalladr, a Welsh Prince and predecessor to Tudor Kings. Tudor dynasty's customary and distinctive colors were white and green which formed the horizontal bands of equal length on the background of the dragon on the flag. In 1485, the King of England Henry VII commanded to use Red Dragon on the Flag of Wales. The Welsh Flag was officially endorsed in 1958. 

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