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Basic First Aid Tips

Prevention is better than cure but sometimes certain accidents may occur that cannot be prevented. In such cases, knowledge of some basic first aid tips can come in very handy for everyone and help in reducing their effects. The first thing to do is not to panic. Depending on the mishap or the accident, here are some common sense first aid tips that you can follow until help arrives to prevent & reduce serious consequences -

1. Respiration : Check to see if the victim is breathing properly and his or her airways are clear. Artificial respiration like Mouth to Mouth or Mouth to Nose can help.

2. Fainting: Lay down the patient and loosen his clothing around the chest, neck and waist. It is advisable to turn their head to one side. Once he/she regains consciousness, give them some fluids. Consult a doctor immediately.

  3. Fracture: If you suspect a fracture, immobilize the affected limb and keep it padded with support on either side of the joint. Consult a doctor immediately.

4. Burns & Scalds: If the victim is suffering from burns or scalds, cool the affected area with cold water until the pain reduces. Cover the blisters with a clean cloth. Give the patient plenty of fluids. Consult a doctor.

5. Bleeding: If the victim has got hurt and is bleeding, the first thing you should do is to control the bleeding and take care of the wound. The wound should be covered with a bandage or a clean cloth. The affected part of the body like the leg or arm should be given rest and kept elevated.



6. Bleeding Nose: In the case of a bleeding nose, make the patient sit up with his head slightly forward. The nose should not be blown and the patient should try to avoid breathing from the nose. A cold compress should be applied over the nose. Consult a doctor.

7. Animal Bite: Wash the affected area with soap and water. Consult a doctor immediately to find out what to do next.  If a dog has bitten the patient, it is usually advisable to identify the dog and watch him for a few days.

8. Bee Sting: Remove the sting of the bee using forceps. Consult a doctor immediately.

Always keep the following numbers handy with you - Doctor, Ambulance service, taxi service, most reliable person to contact in case of an emergency.

Note: If you are in doubt about what to do, it is better to do nothing as due to your ignorance, you may do more harm than good. Call for help immediately.

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