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Essentials of a Beauty Parlor, Salon

There is no dearth of beauty salons you can choose from when it comes to availing specialized skin and hair care. Growing Popularity of Beauty Salons and Parlors is a clear sign of how the beauty industry is growing. Most responsible and growth oriented salon owners and workers realize that the industry they are in is extremely competitive and service based. If they lag behind in any aspect of quality, cleanliness, courtesy or services, they will lose out on valuable customers who will simply move on to some other salon.

From large branded and well known salons to smaller, localized ones, the choice is definitely large. More and more options are opening up and it is becoming increasingly difficult to select the most appropriate parlour amidst so much choice.

Of course, such a growth has also been responsible for creating several Job and Career opportunities with Beauty Salons for a large number of individuals who want to work with beauty salons.

Though different people give importance to different things, here are some essentials that every good quality salon should have and offer to its customers to stay in the race -


1. Cleanliness : It is essential to visit a salon that pays attention to hygiene and cleanliness. A dirty salon that does not maintain hygiene can be a home to germs and do more damage to you than good. 

Make sure that any salon you visit for any of your skin, hair or beauty needs is spic and span. Here are some things you should notice -

  • Does your salon have a sanitized and clean look?
  • Are the floors clean?
  • Are the beds clean?
  • Do they use fresh and clean towels?
  • Do they have well maintained and clean equipments?
  • What kind of astringents, crèmes, packs and wax strips are being used? Is the quality good?
  • Does the staff / attendants have clean and trimmed nails?

2. Pleasant Ambience: Does the parlour give you a good vibe the moment you go inside its premises? Is the atmosphere comfortable and pleasant? Are the interiors of the parlour tastefully done? Does it make you feel relaxed and put you in a frame of mind to rejuvenate? A good parlour must project itself well and be welcoming to its customers.

3. Options For Fixing Appointments : All modern day salons must provide appointment based services to their customers. If you are short of time and dislike waiting, it is recommended to first fix your salon appointment so that you do not have to waste any time in waiting for your turn. Do make sure that you reach the parlour in time for your appointment, though.

4. Courteous, Trained & Professional Staff: Visiting a salon should be a complete experience - a perfect combination of affordability, quality services and courteous, well mannered staff. Rude and unfriendly staff can be a definite let down when it comes to selecting a beauty salon that offers value for money. Salons of today must make sure that they have a well trained and experienced staff who know what they are doing. Moreover, each employee must be trained to treat a customer well.

5. Affordability and Location : Seeing the kind of traffic jams that most metros and other cities of India face on a daily basis, it may be a good idea to select a salon that is located close by and is offer affordable rates for services delivered.

6. Attention To Details : Every good salon must hire such staff that is professional and well behaved. Gossiping, back biting and wasting the customer's time is a definite no-no.

Do you run a Beauty Salon in any city of India or abroad? Want to list your Beauty Salon on this website? Email us your location and service details on [email protected]







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