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Customer Care or Customer Torture?

A customer is probably the most naive soul in the world today! Naive? Why is that, you ask? Because the customer is the only person who falls into the false trap of promises by companies who offer state-of-the-art products and services - promises of timely troubleshooting, problem-solving and 24 hr support.

I am sure most of you will identify with me when I say that the consumer today faces customer-torture in the name of customer care. Once you buy a product or pay for a service, that is when Customer Care ends, and the torture begins. Each of us dread the day when something in the house stops working, breaks down or needs repair - simply because getting it fixed is a Herculean task.

Whenever I exercise my decision making powers to invest in a product or use the services of any service provider, I am told that help is just a phone call away for my questions or queries - day or night. Being my naive self, I come back home feeling happy and hopeful about my latest purchase or investment - only to be let down again.

Moreover, dialing a customer care helpline number has its share of problems. A lot of patience is required in waiting for some kind soul to take your call while you go through the torturous experience of listening to the pre-recorded message that offers infinite options to solve your problem.

By the time the list ends, I usually forget why it is I called in the first place! Calling customer-care is mostly accompanied by severe headaches caused by the looped jingle that continues to play endlessly - testing my patience all along!


Just when my frayed nerves start to take the better of me, I have to compose myself and explain to the jovial voice on the other side - the reason for my call. Most complaints usually fall on deaf ears - and the icing on the cake - at the end of it all, I am told to have a pleasant day ahead! The time has come for a Reality Check! My request to all service providers - value the customer's time, patience and request! Coordinated problem-solving efforts, speedy troubleshooting help, and quicker action is the need of the day!

I often reminisce about the "old world" where the term customer care did not exist. Oh! What a beautiful world that must have been!

Contributing Writer -  Akanksha is a freelance content writer and enjoys penning down her thoughts on various topics. Get in touch with her at [email protected]

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