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Is Common Cold Bothering You?

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Homeopathic Cures for the Common Cold

The approach of the winter also means that cold and flu season will be here soon. Running to the doctor because of a cold can be expensive, so here are some remedies that my mom uses to get rid of colds that I can verify really help. Some home remedies are based on medicinal knowledge. Some home remedies like brandy are nothing more then a placebo. The Alcohol does nothing to improve the patients health, but the more they drink the more they get drunk and feel better, but usually once the effects of the alcohol wear off the symptoms feel much worse. Here are some remedies that actually work, and are all natural.

Vitamin C
The first thing someone will tell you to do when you have a cold is drink plenty of hot tea with lemon. This is because lemon contains vitamin C. when taken in times of health it can help keep your immune system strong so the body can fight off the germs that cause a cold, but once you have a cold it also help shorten the duration f the cold and helps relieve the symptoms of the cold as well.


Chest Cold: Garlic soup is a great way to help open up the repertory system and make breathing easier while killing the germs that causes the cold at the same time. The garlic hold antiseptic properties that helps the body rid itself of its unwanted guests, the oil the in the soup opens the airways, and by adding a tablespoon of onion juice you can flush all the unwanted toxins from your body by sweating them out.

Reduce a Fever: It is not uncommon for someone with a cold to have a fever. A good way to reduce the fever is with Ginger. When cut up and boiled in water ginger has been found to lower a fever in a matter of hours. A less bitter way is to put a small piece of ginger into a glass then pour boiling water in the glass, after letting it sit for 2 or 3 minutes put a tea bag in the glass and add some sugar. This method is less effective but tastes much better.

Lady Fingers For those who may not know another name for Okra is Lady Fingers. Lady Fingers are great for sore throats because they contain a large amount of mucilage that sooths a sore throat and helps keep the throat moist. Take a pound of okra, cut them into small pieces and boil in a liter or water. The steam can also be used but it is not as strong as eating the vegetable.

Tamarind and Pepper:
A great way to relieve a stuffed up nose is Tamarind and Pepper soup. The soup is made by adding 50 mg or Tamarind into a pot with 1 cup of water. Bring it to a boil then add one teaspoon of hot ghee and half a teaspoon of black pepper. You should have 1 cup of this soup 3 times a day. After drinking you will fell your nose start to run and your eyes will water, but within minutes your sinuses will be cleared out.

Go for the Source:
All of the remedies so far have been ways to relieve the effects of the cold, but this remedy is aimed at curing the entire cold. The Bitter Gourd Root is made into a past and mixed with homey. For every 1 teaspoon of Bitter Gourd Root add 1 teaspoon of honey. Take a tablespoon of the mixture every night for 30 days to rid yourself of the cold germs and to help rebuild your immune system.

Turmeric is a cure all. It not only relieves the symptoms of the cold like runny nose and sore throat, it also helps kill the cold germs and strengthen the immune system all at once. The turmeric is bought as a powder. Add half a teaspoon is added to a cup of milk them boiled. The steam should be inhaled while it is boiling then poured into a glass, allowed to cool slightly then drink twice a day. Your nose will start to run much more then before but in a day you will feel much better.

These were just some of my mom's home remedies from the old country. I hope they help keep your kids as well as they did my bother and I. 

Contributing Writer : Ella Philipini - Homeopathic remedies and online casinos - are the two things Ella Philipini enjoys. She has never been to a proper doctor in her entire life and she loves a bit of baccarat before bed.

Note: The views and thoughts expressed by the contributing writer are her own and we do not endorse the same. Kindly follow any advice mentioned here at your own risk.

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