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A Look At Autism - What is Autism?

What is Autism?

Autism is a prevalent neurological or brain disorder and is known to be a severe developmental disorder that affects a person's ability to understand, communicate or interact with others in a social setting.

Who Does Autism Affect?

Autistic disorder is generally seen in infants during the first three years of their lives and remains throughout their life. It has been seen that Autism is usually seen in males.

Causes of Autism


It has been concluded that Autism is not a mental illness. Rather, it is a neurological disorder. Though many times the true cause of this disorder is not known, it is believed to be an inability or imbalance of the brain to process information like other normal individuals. A damaged central nervous system can lead to a condition of Autism.

Since Autism affects the development of a child, it helps to recognize such a disorder as early as possible (within 18 months) so that corrective steps can be taken in a timely manner. If Autism is diagnosed correctly and early, the child can be trained and taught how to relate to people and develop other normal communication and behavior patterns.

Autism May Cause

Child with Autism May show the following signs -

- Difficulties in communication, both verbal and non verbal.
- Inability to interact socially with people.
- Tendency to repeat words.
- Prefers to be alone.
- Speech disorders, no use of speech.
- Learning impairment.
- Hyperactive or slow behaviour.
- Likes to rotate, spin or line up objects.
- Enjoys doing the same things for long periods of time.
- Dislikes any kind of change

Spectrum Disorder

Though Autism is a neurological disorder with specific affects, it may also be accompanied by several other problems such as mental retardation, seizures and cerebral palsy. Hence, Autism is also referred to as a 'Spectrum Disorder' due to the several other disorders / problems associated with it.

Note: This content on Autism is only meant to provide a general information about Autism disorder and should not be constituted as medical advice or treated as complete information.

For more detailed information on Autism, please visit:

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