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Ram, Rahim and John became thoughtful. In fact, they were worried. They were not happy with the present situation in the society. Whatever you see around, smell, sense, feel & touch- they are all because of these three personalities. It is they who have created this Universe and ornamented and subsequently motivated, guided and monitored the internal pattern of the society.


Time passes on since millions and millions of years when nebulae was formed followed by "big bang" and there after the liquid to solid state of the Earth. They did not stop there, continued with their experiments to create & flourish various forms of life with the building blocks of amino acids. What a splendid innovative ideas! Since then they remained busy in expanding their experiments for a true, realistic and meaningful social evolution. Right from the birth time of the human being, they, with a lot of planning & management, moved forward the wheels of time. Fascinating changes in shape, size and numbers were triggered for proper evolution for a dynamic society.

Each time for major changes, they were very particular & sensitive for maintaining a balanced mind stead in the overall thinking capacity of human being. It is true that initially these three personalities were happy and interested in different life forms only and wanted them to flourish through out the Globe. However, at the same time they were feeling something lacking in the creation of Plant and Animal kingdom. After a long meeting and hot discussions they decided to create a new life form with vibrant brain & mind who could be the monitors of the Universe.

From then on, experiments after experiments were conducted to modify and propagate the attractive nature of the living instinct. Years after years after years passed from prehistoric to historic to the present modern time in the life of human being. Every time new planning and novel ideas were becoming necessary to continue the social bondage through languages, discoveries, civilization and mystic art & music. Everything was alright, peaceful and joyous. Arrangement was perfect, even in the recent past from seventies onwards people were moved with Beatles to Madona or Sachindev to Salil Choudhuri and many many others in the musical world or the bioscopes and the cinemas. Youngsters were booming and enjoying every bit of moment.


Togetherness became a common practice but at the same time groupies, racism reached to the height which led revolution and the world war. Imbalanced society came into force and therefore Ram, Rahim and John were worried and thought to introduce one new technique in the late eighties.

Telecommunication had spread world wide. Every house was equipped with Television and every one provided with cellular phone. Impact was tremendous. There was no need to pay any social visit; entertainment was profuse in every body's house through T.V & computers and of course through cell phones. In different locations in cities, cell phone rings became common sound pollution in day and night time. Even in the streets, walking people go on talking by the cell phones. Passerby doesn't even watch the running vehicle and thus putting themselves in dangerous situation. Detachment from people to people became extreme. What kind of a social animal a man now! Barring celebrations in festivals, man remains engrossed with himself in TVs & in cell phones. What a destiny!

Ram, Rahim and John did not want such a stalemate situation in the society at all. Social interactions became less and less. They were again worried and thought if this attitude continues, the soft feelings and other human qualities will be completely destroyed. After all, these are part & parcel of mind stead of human being. Without these qualities, man becomes animal and thus no society remains.
The Trio were again in thoughts. They started searching some way out. Ultimately they imbibed some ideas to the manufacturer of the cell phones.

A very popular wave for owning life long membership by subscribing only Rs 999/- had hit the society. Running cost of the cell phone became very cheap. Yes, you go on receiving the call and need not recharge. People can contact you although you cannot access them of your own. Why to bother! If people are in need, they will contact you. This is how slowly and slowly every body became wiser. Your incoming call will remain active forever; sorry life long means 14 years! However, it all depends how long the manufacturers remain active. Yes! The arrangement clicked! The holder of the cell phones became busy to enroll him or herself in the membership.

Ram, Rahim & John again became satisfied. Now people started keeping their cell phones in their pocket and not in the hand! They were walking comfortably in the streets with free hands and became much watchful for the traffics! At the top of it, the kids & the oldies started getting daytime sleep besides the night ones very gracefully. Meeting people with each other became a common practice again!

Contributing Writer The author, Mr. Asimendu Bandopadhyay, uses his free time in writing. He has developed a writing style revealing the bondage of nature and the life. He wants to share & communicate those events of his own with the readers for their valuable feelings and interactions. The author was working as a Director in Geological Survey of India in the last phase of his service career. In his younger days worked in various field of geology with background of foreign training in United Kingdom under United Nations Development Programme Scheme in Marine Exploration. He gathered vast experience both in land and Ocean. Active participation as Chief Scientist in as many as 15 different geological cruises in the Bay of Bengal is in his credit. He took part in search of Fe-Mn nodules cruising 45 days at a stretch in sea in the Indian Ocean in Skandy Surveyor, a Norwegian Research Vessel. Published scientific papers in national and international journals. Besides scientific milieu, came across many human-inhuman experiences. Vast field of Rajasthan, the place of desert and his initial placement in the job ended in the deep sea through majestic happenings covering human feelings and scientific search.

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