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Time Management & Productivity


If there is one thing we all complain about irrespective of our status, caste or nationality, it is most definitely the shortage of time and the difficulty we all face in using it effectively. Time Management is one of the most important skills that each one of us must develop in order to accomplish our goals and improve our productivity on a daily basis.

Often, we find that it is hard to complete even half of the tasks on our agenda due to our failure to use time efficiently. Since the number of hours in a day won't increase for you, it is solely your responsibility to manage yourself properly thus, handling time properly.

Here are a few simple tips that can help you to increase your productivity levels at work and enable you to practice the skills of essential time management -


Prioritize :  Learn to assign value and urgency to every task you must finish everyday. It is often beneficial to complete the most important task first. Sure, there may be some urgent jobs you must get done too. Develop the skills to understand the difference between important tasks and tasks that are urgent.


Maintain and Follow a To-Do List:  Based on your prioritization of tasks to b accomplished, create a list of jobs that need to be completed in a day. Once you complete a task, strike it off from your list. Maintaining and following such a task list can help you to complete important jobs on time and also assist you in judging your progress.

Keep Lines of Communication Clear & Open:

In our regular day at work, we use many different forms of communication, email being one of the most common for interacting with people and coordinating work efforts. In order to improve your productivity and streamline work, get in the habit of replying to emails as you see them. Pushing tasks to a later date or time can prove to be detrimental to your progress.


Share Your Work :

Are you addicted to work? Workaholics believe in doing every job themselves and find it hard to trust someone else to do a good job. If you are a workaholic, practice the art of delegation. This way, you can  concentrate on what you do best and also make sure that other jobs are also being done.


Improve Your Concentration Power :

It is been noticed that those of us who have a low concentration power get less done on an average day as compared to others who can concentrate well on the job at hand. Work towards increasing you and improving your concentration by playing mind games etc.

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