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Role of Placement Consultants in the Job & Recruitment Industry

The Job Industry is one of the largest and most competitive Industries in the world today. With the growth and expansion of society as a whole, manpower requirements are sky rocketing. A Consultant or a Recruitment Firm is an entity that works towards reducing clutter and streamlining the manpower requirements of Companies, big and small. These firms serve as middlemen and help organizations and job seekers to find each other!

Who Hires Whom?

Companies hire Placement Consultants

who in turn help them to find the right candidate to join their organization. Job Seekers contact Recruitment firms to help them identify and then apply for the right job. Today, the Recruitment Industry has grown to tremendous levels and there are specialised consultants serving different fields.

How it Works:

  • Consultants work for a number of different Companies, small and large.

  • These head hunter groups receive details about the job vacancy such as job responsibilities, desired experience, remuneration etc.

  • Next, Consultants go through their present database of job seekers registered with them. This database of aspiring candidates is a Placement Consultant's resource built over a period of time.

  • Job seekers contact recruitment firms either through phone, email or walk ins and register their Resumes with them.

  • Next, the wait begins - candidates hope to be informed of good openings and prepare themselves for interviews.

How to apply for a job through Placement Consultants:

In India, job seekers rely highly on Placement Consultants and recruitment firms in their quest for a suitable job.

The Job Hunting Cycle -


Identifying a Placement Firm - The biggest challenge for most job seekers is to identify good Placement Consultants.

Contacting them - Once a list of Consultants is drawn out, the next step is to contact them. Candidates can email their latest updated resumes or talk to them personally and explain their requirements. Candidates should remember that this is an ongoing process and should be done properly. Remember : mail boxes of Consultants often go beyond their storage limits so remember to follow up with them through phone.


  • Following Up - Job seekers need to keep in touch with Placement Agencies on a regular basis to find out about suitable openings with different Companies.

  • Jobs and Career Websites: Besides directly contacting Placement Consultants, job seekers also have the option of visiting websites of head hunters and other specialised job websites are also a good entry point for job seekers. Visit websites like etc to search for jobs and study useful career related resources. Remember there are no short cuts in the search for a good job. All the best an happy hunting!

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