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Role Of A Consultant - Duties, Responsibilities


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Role of a Consultant

The Role of a consultant is to provide the right candidate to the companies, not only in terms of academia or experience but more so in terms of attitude, skills and knowledge. The biggest challenge is to identify the competency of the candidate with respect to job profiles and whether he would be able to successfully deliver in the given the environment and yardsticks. Identifying the scalability of a particular candidate would be one of the major factors to be focused on in this growth oriented economy.

Consultants, Adding Value to the HR need


Looking beyond Resume: Consultant should look at the prospective candidates as more than Just a Resume. Human Talent does not have a specification sheet attached nor does come with an Operations manual.

Differential Factor: Identify the differentiating Competency in the candidate, which will set him apart for a particular Job profile.

Behavioral Interviewing: It is a proven technique, which helps to gauge the competencies apart from the Skills and helps any individual to succeed in a Particular Job Role.

Probing: Extracting Information through Probing, from the Candidates, which they would generally conceal. This information would lead to eliminating the Candidate at the Short-listing Level itself.

According to B S Sheshadri CEO, Contactx, The role of a consultant in an Organizations is to recruit the Right people and eliminate the "Cost of Bad Recruitments". The Right person in the Right Job would lead to higher job satisfaction resulting in higher productivity.

In short Consultants help the candidate for a particular vacancy select, amongst which the corporates have the luxury to elect. 

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