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Role Of Reporters & Sub Editors In Journalism Industry, India


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Reporter and Sub-Editor


A newspaper which has sub editors and reporters, who maintain good relationship with each other, becomes a better newspaper. But it is difficult, as sub editors think reporters know nothing, while reporters think sub editors know nothing; and it is common everywhere in journalism.

There is a direct relationship between reporters and sub editors.

in the sense that a reporter writes a news story and the sub editor edits the story to make it more concise and readable, and places it in the news pages according to priority.

This is the place where there are a lot of possibilities for the misunderstanding and intolerance to grow on one another. It may happen that a reporter may not grasp the news in the story he has written and it leads the sub editor to rewrite the story. Some times reporter may, in hurry, leave some important inputs or may write the wrong ones. This often happens, as reporters are usually in hurry because of the work load and it is the daily task of the sub editors to correct those factual and other errors and make the stories free of mistakes.

But there are reporters who write carelessly dumping the information, which later is a burden for sub editors. Even sub editors are busy, as they need to edit many news stories each day. Such negligence by reporters makes sub editors intolerable.

Sub editors have a greater task to do. They need to find the real news and provide the news in the readable for and make it interesting. It happens on everyday basis that sub editors contact reporters, who have written small news out of a prominent issue, and get inputs and themselves make the story according to its importance as news. They even run behind a brief news and make special stories themselves.

But as they read the news stories written by the reporters and correspondents and scrutinize them, they can easily understand the mentality of reporters. They understand reporterís news sense, his interests and his writing capabilities. And they have a good team of colleagues to discuss reporters.


Reporters, on the other hand, think that their story was cut mercilessly, by the sub editors. They think that the flow in which they have written the news was lost and the story intro and the body were changed. They think that the innovative heading they had given was replaced with an ordinary one. This actually happens sometimes, as like bad reporters, there too are bad sub editors. Whenever a news story of a good reporter is edited by bad sub editor, the story looses its structure and content. And both bad reporter and bad sub editor are ruled by their own egos. The clash of their ego ultimately affects the content of the newspaper.

The ego also keeps the journalists like stagnant water, as they consider all other journalists are hopeless, and he himself knows all. The ego itself kills curiosity, the most essential quality in a journalist, and ultimately newspaper is the looser.

Admitting oneís mistakes, making efforts on everyday basis to improve oneís knowledge and writing and editing skills are the only solutions to kill any journalistís reasonless ego; and that will make one and essential journalist, and help newspaper grows.

Contributing Author: Raghavendra is a Journalist. Email: [email protected] 

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