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How To Meet Deadlines Through Focus & Prioritizing

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Is Procrastination Slowing You Down?


If you are planning to build a career in freelancing, you must remember that one of the prerequisites of working as a Freelancer is the ability to meet deadlines at all times. In order to succeed in a self made career, freelancers must be disciplined, sincere and punctual when handling different projects.

Things can go very wrong if the habit of procrastination sets in.

Procrastination in Freelancing

Procrastination is not just a costly habit, it can also put you into serious trouble as it can slow down your progress and your movement up the career ladder.

Problems Caused Due To Procrastination

1. Loss of focus and discipline.

2. Delays in completing projects and meeting deadlines.

3. Loss of respect, trust and faith in one's ability.

If you have been falling into the endless cycle of putting off your tasks and responsibilities for another day, it is time to correct this habit before it totally disrupts your career growth.

Tips For Breaking Through The Habit Of Procrastination -


1. Learn to prioritize your tasks.

2. Analyze the reasons that make you want to procrastinate.

3. Get into the habit of preparing a Task List that lists down the projects that have to be completed for the week / day.

4. It is a good idea to maintain an Organiser / File - either online or on paper that can help you to schedule your tasks.

5. Take breaks between each task.

6. Tick off from the list as and when you complete each project.

7. Keep your mind clear before starting difficult tasks and projects and in case you have some doubts related to the project, seek help.

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