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Are you Satisfied in your Present Job?


The fear of the unknown is all pervasive and present in each one of us. This is probably the reason why many of us prefer to continue doing what we have been doing professionally even if we are unhappy and miserable doing it!

When was the last time you sat down and acknowledged the fact that your present job is not keeping you as happy and satisfied as your would like to be?

The tendency to avoid change often pushes us into a vicious cycle in which we continue to deal with a career full of monotony, unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

If you are finding your present job boring, restrictive and monotonous, it is time to consider a job change or a career move. It has been seen that a lack of happiness and contentment can tremendously bring down your overall performance and motivation to excel. This can eventually lead to job loss.

Isn't it wise to consider a career change while you still have a job in hand?

First Things First -

  • Analyze your level of satisfaction in your present job and cite possible reasons for your dissatisfaction.

  • Consider a career move - find out what it is that you would prefer to do or how would you like to improve what you are doing right now?

  • Talk to people in different fields and find out what they consider positive and negative in their respective careers.

  • Brush up your present skills and consider further studies if that can help you to expand your horizons.

If you are unhappy in the way your career is progressing, take steps to improve it now.

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