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Paramedical & Allied Health Sciences - Career Prospects

According to W.H.O. recommendations populations of one thousand need at least one well Qualified Doctor. And one Doctor in-turn needs 8 skilled persons/paramedical person. So far our country has about 1.2 Billion of population and we need 12 lacs of Doctors and this about 96 Lac of Paramedical personnel. Till now we have created only 4 lac of Doctors and to your astonishment only same number of Paramedical personnel i.e. Qualified Nurses and Pharmacist Technician and Physiotherapist may be even less in number. So frankly speaking about >75 lac such peoples we required only for our country. And with Globalization and out side world, we shall be needing many fold more such persons.

Now regarding 10+2 with science and biology group, very few gets M.B.B.S. seats and rest either gets frustrated and shut their studies or takes teaching line, and their dream of serving humanity is shattered.

So Allied Health science group is the field where in all these students, can full-fill their dream of serving humanity.

Health is indisputably fundamental to the progress of mankind. Good health is the most crucial ingredient for the people to function with comfort and confidence while leading an economically active life.

Career Prospects - Health Care - Paramedical & Allied Health Sciences - Paramedical Personnel - Qualified Nurses, Pharmacist, Technicians & Physiotherapists

What is Paramedical Science?


Paramedical science is an inseparable part of the health care system and runs parallel to medical science in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Diagnostic tools like the clinical laboratory, the X-ray, the ultrasound, CT and other invasive or non-invasive methods and therapeutic technical modes like physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy are part of the paramedical system.

There was a time when paramedical work was entrusted to semi-literate compounders and ward assistants. It was looked down upon as the paraphernalia of medical management that used to depend more on the clinical acumen and professional judgment. Investigations were neither available nor affordable.

With the development of medical science and its attendant spurt in complex mechanization of medical equipment, there had been an inadvertent growth in paramedical science. This automatically prompted a demand for trained paramedical manpower. However, at this time paramedical education was an important but integral part of medical education. Medical students were taught the procedures and methods. The concept of independent existence of paramedical education was still unrecognized.

Paramedical Education In India


Fortunately, this callous attitude is changing. Universities, though taking the advantage of the absence of any governing council, unknowingly came to the rescue of paramedical education. Instead of "a diagnostic room" producing paramedics, now there are a well-planned streamlined curriculum, latest equipment, professional ambience, qualified tutors, and, above all, a credible controlling body to implement quality norms.

There are more than 50 different types of specialization in the area of paramedical and allied health science. The importance of such disciplines will be highlighted with the prospects of job later. 

Contributing Writer : Jayakumar. A Lecturer, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Directorate of Distance Education, Sikkim Manipal University, Manipal-576104 [email protected]

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