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Hotel Industry Overview


From the past 5 years, a lot of new hotels have been started, increasing the business of the Tourism Industry. Hotel Industry is a part of the Hospitality Industry that earns a lot and promotes a country. However, this industry is not the alone, it provides business to Travel Agencies, Tour Operators and Transportation.

Food, Accommodation and clothes are the 3 most essential things which every one needs. And Hotel Industry alone provides 2 basic things :- Food and Accommodation.

There are mainly three sources of earnings for hotels - Rooms, Banquets and Restaurants. Besides these, there are a lot of other services which give good revenue to the Hotel Industry. These include - telephone calls, laundry services, travel services and Internet services.

Hotel Management Courses

The Hotel Industry plays a vital role in reducing the level of unemployment. Usually after Engineering and Doctors, this profession comes up in the list of professions with great scope. It teaches a lot to students along with basic etiquettes such as:

  • How to deal with Customers?

  • How to deal with emergency situations?

  • What are some of the basic telephone manners?

  • Helps in building Personality Development.

In India, The National Council Of Hotel Management and Catering Technology( NCHMCT ) is a semi Govt. Institute that has approx 30 centers all over India.

Apart from this there are thousand of other colleges that offer courses in Hotel Management. After completion of courses through these colleges and Institutes, students can hope to get employed by good brand Hotels. Training is also a very important part of this course because studies are just the guides. It is the actual training that makes students perfect.

Careers in Hotel Industry

Careers in The Hotel Industry - Main Departments in a Hotelt also helps the students in selecting their area of interest, whether
  • Food and Beverage Production

  • Food and Beverage Services

  • Accommodation Operation

  • Front Desk

  • Computers

  • Nutrition

  • Hotel Engineering etc.

This Course also includes making a Survey Report on any topic in the final year, which makes the students go for research studies. These courses also help in making candidates more confident and helps them to get over their negative qualities such as extreme shyness, poor communication skills, and lack of confidence, etc.

Main Departments in a Hotel

Departments Of Hotels which are available for guests 24 X 7:-


- Kitchen/ Food Production: It is this department of a hotel which is responsible for food. Even hotels having Coffee Shops provide 24 hour services to the guests.

- Engineering: In the event that any problems crop up in rooms such as a bulb fuse, A/C not working etc, the Hotel Engineers have to be contacted who are available 24 hours.

- Front desk: The front desk creates the first impression on the guests. If the guest likes this section, only then he will try out the other options in the Hotel such as its restaurant, coffee shop, laundry, etc. The Hotel's front desk usually consists of young and energetic staff who will always (24 x 7) be there to help the guests.

They are responsible for the Business Centre, Internet Access, making C-Forms for Foreign Clients, providing safety lockers to the guests, taking reservations by Telephone, E-Mails, and Fax from the guests, providing guests Money Exchange Services etc.

- Housekeeping: They are available 24 X 7 for guests, making their bedroom, bathroom, etc. Providing guest Laundry services, as well as doing day to day room cleaning for guests.

- Food & Beverage Service: They include providing guests the services within the rooms, Restaurants or Banquets as well as in Conference rooms.

- Travel Desk:- They are responsible for arranging day to day travel for the guests. Also handle ticket confirmation and providing information for sightseeing to the guests.

- Gym/ Health Club/ Sports: Medium and large hotels are providing Gyms, Swimming Pool, Health Club, Beauty Parlour, Saloon, games like Billiards, Pool, etc facilities to their guests. Most of the Hotels are providing these facilities complimentary with the rooms.

- Parking/ Shops: Few Star hotels provide big parking space, shops in the restaurant itself for the guest conveyance, so that they can get services in the hotel itself.

Contributing Author: Bunny - [email protected]   After working in 2 year hotel industry plus 03 years in studying Hotel Management (6 month training), this all comes in my mind, whenever I am speaking about Hotel Industry to anyone! Presently I am working in hotel industry as a Reservation executive, I had also worked as a Front office Assistant in hotels. I just want to share my experience of hotel industry, its Business, its growth prospect with you all. So its a request to you all, go and check this experience in your life too, and tell whether all this things are true, or just a fiction.  

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