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Importance of Good Communication Skills in the Corporate World

Let me tell you from my experience as an HR professional for three years in the IT Industry in India that a lack of good communication skills has been the weakest link for us in the corporate world. We Indians are generally good with logic and learning new technologies. We are technically proficient. We are also gaining good knowledge of different domains (Banking, Healthcare, Telecom etc) with more exposure in these fields.

Most of us need to build on our communication skills at a greater level to meet business standards in the world market.


For me, good communication skills is about communicating information, helping to build greater rapport with your bosses, colleagues, sub-ordinates, clients and customers and getting more business and revenue for your company.

Better communication is always good for your business. We have still not understood the value of good communication skills. Every year, millions of students graduate but only twenty percent of them have above average communication skills. The candidates in interviews are not even answering basic questions about themselves properly.

Schools and Colleges will have to play a bigger role for improvement in communication skills in our country. We need to move beyond syllabus and course contents. We should have communication lab sessions compulsory for all students. The lab sessions should focus on group sessions and participative culture. Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Leadership Skills, Personality Development, Team Building Session & E-Mail Etiquette can be a part of such communication lab sessions.

There should also be a greater focus on extracurricular activities where students can participate and gain confidence. They can build on their leadership and organizational skills. Finally, each individual will have to work on their own communication skills. They have to understand their strength and weakness.


The focus should be to improve on your weaknesses. We should cultivate a habit of reading. It has a double purpose; you gain knowledge but also build on your vocabulary. Individuals need to take part in group activities more and there should be more socializing with each other. It contributes to an overall improvement in your communication skills.

The technically strong employees are an asset to an organization but the same technically strong employees with good communication skills will be a far greater asset to an organization. The technically strong employee with good communication skills will climb the ladder of success in the corporate world faster.

For management point of view also, such employees get better opportunities and exposure in their work. Thus, it can be concluded that good communication skills are very important in the corporate world.

Contributing Writer:  Pankaj Kumar Sinha I am working as HR Executive in R Systems International Ltd (From September 2010), Chennai. I have done my M.B.A from National Institute of Business Management. My hobbies are travelling, cooking, photography & reading books. [email protected]

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