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Art of Getting Your Message Across

The art of getting your message across effectively is a vital part of being a successful manager. Everybody communicates in one way or another but few managers deliver their messages as well, as they can.

Remember good communication make much better managers.


1. Always match your medium to your message with great care

2. Know which questions to ask it will help you get the right answer.

3. Misunderstandings are caused by wishful listening - hearing only what you want to hear.

4. Keep an open mind about what people say - think about the words you hear not the person saying them.

5. Speak in as natural a tone as possible to create a warm environment.

6. A satisfactory end to an encounter can never be guaranteed, but a good start is always possible. Use welcoming words to help start all proceedings on a positive note.

7. When giving positive feedback, state reasons for your praise.

8. Keep a clock on your desk to monitor the time you spend on calls. Use features like call waiting to increase your effectiveness.

9. Make letters effective by thinking before you write and always writing what you think. Avoid using complicated un-usual words or abstracts terms-they may obscure your meaning.

10. Speak for 20-45 minutes maximum; this is the length of the average personís attention.

11. While compiling reports be ruthless: cut out all unnecessary words in your report. Avoid making any unsupported assertions or conclusions.

12. If you meet a hostile journalist keep your cool; say nothing that could damage good PR.

13. If bad news breaks, admit the reality to everyone-especially you.

Remember there is only one reliable source of information on perceptions; the receipt of the messages. Talk honestly to staff if you want to get honest answers in return. If more than one or two make the same complaint, it may be widespread.

Contributing Writer:  M. L. Pandia M.A, LLB, PGDPM. Writer is working as DY. General Manager (P&A) With Birla Group of Companies with more than 24 Years of practical experience in the field of HR, P&A and worked with many leading industrial houses across the country. [email protected]


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