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Plan your career move carefully and don't just shift from one job to another for the smallest of reasons!


Are You Changing Jobs Frequently?

Have you changed more jobs than you care to remember?

Do you tend to leave jobs for the smallest of reasons?

If yes, you are not the only one! Time For a Reality Check!

If You Must, Shift From One Job To Another For Good Reasons


The trend of moving from one job to another was quite uncommon say 10 - 15 years back. Employees would spend their entire career span, if not most of it, working for the same Company.

That was then. Today, things are different and trends have changed in the corporate world. Opportunities for expansion, more lucrative offers and greater choices within the same industry are attracting candidates and enticing them to shift jobs more frequently.

Experts are of the opinion that switching from one job to another is acceptable if done sensibly and for understandable / justifiable reasons.

For eg. Recruiters may have reservations about hiring a person who has changed as many as 4-5 jobs in the past 1 and a half  years! This is because -


  • Every Company wants to hire someone who will stay with them and grow with them over the years. If your resume shows too frequent job switches, it is a sign that tells prospective recruiters that you lack stability.

  • It will be a waste of their resources to hire and train you, only to find that you are ready to quit in just a few months for some of the most insignificant reasons.

  • Moreover, such career moves leaves employers wondering if you were sacked frequently by your previous employers.

Hence, if you must change your job and move to another Company, do it for acceptable and appreciable reasons such as -
  1. Better Growth prospects

  2. better / higher designation

  3. Wider role and responsibilities

  4. Good salary hike

  5. Relocating to a different city

Be clear about your reasons for changing jobs an be honest about it in your next interview. Never lie during the interview because sooner or later the truth will unfold leaving you in a worse position.

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