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Duties, Responsibilities & Work Profile of Fashion Designers, Make up Artists, Models & Model Coordinators


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A Look at the Fashion Industry - Common Job Profiles


The Fashion Industry is one of the most glamorous and exciting Industries of today consisting of Fashion Designers, Models, Stylists, and Makeup Artists, etc to name a few. Behind all the glitz and glamour of the Fashion Industry there is a whole lot of hard work and dedication involved.

This is because just as styles and trends change with every passing season, so do the tastes of people. Before you know it, what or who maybe in today, is out tomorrow. Such is the Fashion scene all over the world, whether we talk about India, Paris, UK or the fashion Industry in the United States!

Here are the Common Job Profiles in any Fashion Industry 

  • Fashion Designers - design garments or clothes. They use their creativity and sense of style to design beautiful and trendy clothes. Fashion designers are creative, innovative, good at sketching and have a knack for colours, materials and designs. To become a fashion designer, you must have a strong personality, an ability to put ideas into designs and you must enjoy dressing up people.

Some of the well known Fashion Designers in India & globally include Versace, Ritu Beri, Armani, Ravi Bajaj, JJ Valaya etc.

  • Footwear / Jewelry Designers - Footwear and Jewellery are also counted as a part of Fashion.

Accessorizing what you wear has become the trend of today. This includes designer belts, head gear, boots, shoes, sandals, bangles etc.

  • Models - Simply designing beautiful clothes is not enough. New designs and styles in clothes have to be marketed well so that people start buying these designer creations. Models, both male and female, wear these designer clothes and showcase them at fashion shows, advertisements etc.

To become a successful ramp model, you must have a good height, pleasing personality and loads of confidence. Many other models enjoy doing print and Television modelling which includes endorsing products.

  • Fashion Coordinators - Fashion coordinators promote clothes to the general public as well as the press. Their job is to handle all publicity and promotion needs of Companies. Another important responsibility is to keep a track of public demands at all times.

  • Makeup Artists - The Fashion Industry is incomplete with out the ever so important Makeup Artist. The Fashion Designer briefs the Make up Artists before a show. Depending on the designer's briefs the task of the Makeup Artist is to give suitable looks to the Models using makeup and hairdos.

When talking about Make up Artists in the Indian Scenario, a name that always comes to mind is that of Ambica Pillai.

  • Model Coordinators - The task of a Model Coordinator includes hiring models for different assignments. They are the middlemen who help Companies and Models to find each other!

Various Companies act as Model Coordinators.

All these people work together to make the fashion Industry a great success. Find out where your interest lies and get ready to become an important part of this industry!

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