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Uses of Data Entry


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Dat Entry Services are becoming very important for Industries that handle large volumes of Data. It is essentia to maintain quality while hiring data entry services for avoiding errors and typos.


Different Forms & Variations of Data Entry


Data entry is the procedure of feeding data into spreadsheets and database. It can either be done automatically by a machine that keeps on adding data in the database, or manually by a person who keeps on adding data by typing them individually. There are various forms of data entry. Some of them include data entry for insurance claim, legal formalities, and entry for cards, books, and images. In general, data entry can be differentiated into two major forms - online and offline data entry.

When you enter data online, you can do it for a number of reasons. It can be for entering data into E-books, websites, keeping track of credit and debit card transactions, submitting and processing online forms, entering images in various formats, for printing in Office applications to keep a hard copy, entering data in software applications, creating a database for mailing, and for indexing the data entered.

Similarly, you need to enter data offline for keeping track of the numerous websites, collecting effective URLs that you may need to consult and for filling up online forms. One form of data entry is image entry. You need to enter images to include photographs and attachments in magazines, yellow pages, novels and E-books. Scanned images are also required for card entry and in official file access. Another type of data entry is the insurance claim entry. This entry is done to aid the insurance holders of the companies. They have to file the claim on insurance in order to acquire the expenses for the respective services. The procedure of payment, processing of the forms and insurance claims are all kept track of through data entry service.


Data entry not only has a number of forms, it also has a number of variations.

The variations of data entry include alphanumeric, numeric and text entry. Moreover, the entry can be either written manually or printed by electronic means. They can either be in the form of images that are scanned, or in the form of hardcopies. Some of the areas where you use these variations of data entry include proper entry of data in encyclopedia, dictionaries, services like payrolls, accounting manuals and keeping books, tax records, information on warranty periods, research on market, tracking transactions through cards, checking reports of companies, and filling in data according to various surveys.

The importance of data entry is felt by almost all the companies. Some require it for procession internal data and other require it to manage and increase the existing database of customers. Moreover, data entry is also applicable for writing down the taped words in any application or spreadsheet for easy access and scanning. Be it entering data in E-books and websites, or keeping track of transactions of cards and insurance claims, the importance of data entry is felt everywhere. No wonder, so many organizations are emerging in the market with the solitary aim of catering to data entry services.

Contributing Author: Aravind Kumar is an executive at International Commerce Alliance Corp, a company which leads in business process outsourcing, data entry and book keeping for the past 6 years and has its business spread across 3 continents with a client base of more than 1000 small and large companies in USA, UK, Australia and India.

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