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Job of a Wedding Planner - Duties, Responsibilities


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More and more people are looking at hiring Wedding Planners to arrange a perfect wedding. Wedding Planners should be responsible, approachable and courteous.


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Career as a Wedding Planner


As the name suggests, a Wedding Planner is a person who plans, coordinates and executes a wedding.

Though weddings differ on grounds of religion, customs and society, the job of a wedding planner is almost the same in any part of the world. For most people, weddings are a one time affair to be remembered forever and this makes it all the more essential to make sure that all the arrangements are perfect.

Why hire a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planners make life simpler by taking over the entire process of planning, coordinating and arranging a wedding, keeping in mind the wishes, ideas and budget of the families involved.

Planning and arranging all wedding related ceremonies can be quite a time consuming and lengthy task. By hiring a Wedding Planner, the host can offload the responsibility of coordinating and arranging a perfect wedding.

What does a Wedding Planner do? - Duties & Responsibilities

The job of a wedding planner begins the moment a wedding is fixed and ends only when all festivities conclude. Wedding Planners work with the host to understand their wishes, ideas and expectations of a perfect wedding ceremony.

Next comes a list of pre and post wedding ceremonies and parties, (if any) that might need to be organised. The budget & scale of festivities are decided after which the Wedding Coordinator gets to work.

Services Offered by Wedding Planners, India & Overseas

  • Picking out the Venue

  • Choosing the decor - backdrop, color theme etc

  • Designing the Wedding Invites

  • Selecting caterers

  • Selecting flowers and other decoration items.

  • Trousseau shopping & packing

  • Selecting the music etc

Who needs a Wedding Planner?

Almost everyone can use the help of wedding planners since they have a knack for removing all the stress of arranging a wedding. Many Non Resident Indians (NRI's) hire Wedding Planners to organise wedding ceremonies in India. It works out really well for them because by the time they fly back to the country, all the arrangements are already taken care of.

Did You Know? Unlike what most people think, wedding planners arrange weddings of all scales. They keep your budget in mind and plan and arrange all the wedding ceremonies within the desired budget.

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