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Uncovering the Best Paying Jobs for Women

Men still dominate a number of industries, but there are several occupations where women account for a large percentage of workers and earn a great salary at the same time. Whether you’re looking to change careers or just starting university, these 8 jobs are the highest paying for women.

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1. Obstetrician/Gynecologist: Rs 960,000
An obstetrician is a medical doctor that provides care to women during and after childbirth. Many obstetricians also work as gynecologists, which provide reproductive care to women. Commonly referred to as OB/GYNs, these medical professionals must complete medical school and earn a medical license in order to practice. Most OB/GYNs work in hospitals, but many have private practices. 


2. Psychiatrist: Rs 702,659
A psychiatrist works in the mental health field, and provides both counseling and medication to patients. These professionals have completed medical school, a residency program and a fellowship. They play a vital role in patient care, and diagnose and treat mental illness.

3. Physician: Rs 533,932
Physicians diagnose and treat illness and injuries in patients. They perform examinations, record medical histories, perform and interpret diagnostic tests and prescribe medications. They may also offer advice on preventative healthcare, hygiene and diet.

4. Corporate Counsel: Rs 1,400,000
Simply put, a corporate counsel is a lawyer who is privately employed by a corporation, business or organization. These legal professionals advise businesses and employees on legal matters. A law degree is required, and employers prefer candidates who specialize in corporate law.

5. Pharmacist: Rs 191,342
Pharmacists are in charge of dispensing prescription medications to patients, and also provide information on how to use the medication. Some pharmacists conduct wellness screenings, administer immunizations, offer healthy lifestyle advice, and oversee the medications they dispense to patients. They may work in pharmacies or hospitals. Pharmacists must earn an advanced degree and be properly licensed.

6. Physician Assistant (PA): Rs 296,130
A physician assistant practices medicine under the supervision of surgeons and physicians. These individuals are formally trained, and will be responsible for examining patients, diagnosing illnesses and injuries, and administering treatment.

7. Human Resources Vice President: Rs 2,900,800
The Vice President of Human Resources plays an important role in every company. Duties include directing all of the people functions within the organization in a way that is in line with the company’s practices and policies. Strategic human resource planning is also a part of the job, and those in HR job position typically have many years of experience.


8. Optometrist: Rs 243,295
Optometrists are medical doctors that specialize in eye health and other aspects of the visual system. These medical professionals diagnose and provide treatment for visual problems, injuries, diseases, and disorders of the eye. When needed, they prescribe contact lenses and eyeglasses. Becoming an optometrist requires the completion of a doctorate degree in optometry, and a license to practice.

While there are several high-paying careers for women, these are some of the most lucrative jobs available. Many have advanced educational or extensive experience requirements, but offer a rewarding salary to women as well as a satisfying career.

Source: JobTonic

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