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It is essential to maintain a fine balance between work and relaxation. Prioritize and plan your work schedule is sucha  fashion that you have sufficient time to rejuvenate yourself after a hard day at work.



Are you Addicted to Work? - Traits of a Workaholic

All work and no play can make a person dull, unhealthy and stressed out. But what would you call a person who chooses to be that way? You guessed it - a Workaholic!

Who is a Workaholic?


Simply said, a workaholic is someone who is obsessed with work and is addicted to work. Such a person tends to spend too many hours at work and feels odd when he/she is not able to do so. With the increase of stress in our lives, most of us showcase obvious traits of being a workaholic without even being aware of it.

Go through the following common traits of workaholics and find out if you are one or not -


Work, Work & More Work:

Is work constantly on your mind?
Do you spend extra hours in the office with the aim of getting more done?

Do you carry work back home & start following up on your mails & other pending work while at home?

Workaholics find it impossible to get work off their minds and often miss out on other important aspects of their lives such as spending time with family, socializing etc.


No One But Me: Do you feel as though you are the only one who can handle the job really well? The need to complete every job themselves often makes workaholics slog over time, allowing them little time for themselves and an over-busy work schedule.


What More Can I do?: Do you find yourself constantly thinking about what more you can do? Maybe start a new business, collaborate with someone and expand your work? Workaholics often don't know where to draw the line.

Such addiction to work can have serious consequences on a person's health and well being. Workaholics suffer from headaches, anxiety attacks and experience difficulty in sleeping.

If you feel that you to are a workaholic, its time to step back and take it easy. Learn to relax and take care of your self.

You have only one lifetime and it is your responsibility to live it well.

Contributing Author:  Team of writers at [email protected]

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