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Set Values first before entering the Job Market for life's Dignity and Satisfaction 


What is important for a jobseeker - a life with a career or a career with a life? For the common man, both the scenarios are just the same. But when we say that we need a life with a career, it indicates our priorities to lead a life that holds only a career. However, when we talk about a career with life, this has a separate meaning and it points towards a career that is enriched with a life.

‘A career with a life’
is often advised to (new) jobseekers by (international) human resources experts as they believe this perception gives individuals a way to lead a peaceful and satisfied life.

According to Harrison Barnes, an international job search guru, if anyone wants to think that he or she should have a satisfied life, he must learn the adoption of values in his character from time to time throughout life.

“Values are things that are most important to us in our lives and careers. Values create a basis for how we view life,” says Burnes. Since we have to lead ‘a life in our life’ to show our existence in our society and among peers, the values can only help to shape individuals in the right perspective so that it brings praise from the society for all the achievements. These would be based definitely on ‘certain decisions’ that he / she took due to his / her values.

It is said that a strong decision taken by an individual is responsible for every success. “For taking a decision, it is required to take a ‘risk’ and to take a risk it is required to be a person of rich values. A current change in global and local markets and the emergence of new types of careers invites decisions at every step to be taken during the job; and our ‘learned and earned’ good values insulate us from any ruin,” believes Erin Suess, a life and career coach.


What you honestly want out of your life is not always easy. With our day to day routine and daily grind, we often do not get time to really think about who we are, and what we want out of life. The best way to overcome this dilemma is to create a list of values which are most important in your case. Life career scientists have named it as ‘Creating a Values’ Statement’.

The latter, in fact, helps in setting a mission in life. Though people prefer goals rather than a mission in their life but missions bring satisfaction in life. “Designing your own values’ statement will provide for living your life with dignity and give you a clearer sense of direction towards the job as well as life,” advises Mike Thomas of the Life Career Institute.

Contributing Writer:  Tapan Susheel writes on HR issues. He is post graduate in human resource  management. He can be contacted at [email protected] 

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