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Time and Productivity

December, the appraisal time. Everybody waits for this eagerly but after this most of your employees complain of unfair evaluation. And you at the other end are not able to gauge the real thing. Sometimes the employees’ voice goes unheard. This can lead to dissatisfaction among them and hence hampering the productivity and ultimately the revenue of the company. This sometimes leads to a bad image in the market as well and hence you can end up as a non preferred employer.


The time and productivity tool acts as a scale to measure the work and performance of the employees. This ensures the uniform and perfect gauging of the employees’ work and hence leaving no room for injustice and ensures transparency.

This will measure all the work done by the employees on a common scale and after having the data about the employees, you can prepare a report or rank them on that scale and decide the salary hikes, promotions etc. on that basis.

For each department you have, first decide the standard job which is almost commonly done by majority of the team members of that department or team. Now, calculate the average time spent on it by collecting few samples of it from each member (getting precise, you can record average time for doing each step involved in that job). This will give you a scale that what is the average time required to do that job.

Average Time = Total time spent ÷ Total number of samples collected

Now similarly, take the samples for time spent on each job and calculate the average time accordingly. This will give you an overall idea of the time spent on each job. Now based on the productivity report for each employee, you can assess the productive time of the employee and hence do the review on that basis. And also with this you can measure the non-productive time of your office and can use that much effectively in other constructive works and also can plan further headcount hiring and also a reshuffle or expansion.

This will help you in ensuring a new broad outlook towards employee and organization and at the same time leading to employee satisfaction. With this everything will be in black and white leaving no grey areas, so those who are real effective and working will prefer you as employer and the idle ones will be sidelined. This will give you the maximum value of each dollar spent on the employee. 

Contributing Writer:  Rohit Minton is working as Assistant HR in the Group HR department of the Amicorp group. He has done his bachelors in Spanish Language and is now pursuing his MBA in HRD.  [email protected]  +91 9845676315

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