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Role oF HR Department In Times Of Terror

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HR & The Terror Stricken Indian Industry

India was and is a fortunate land of great thinkers, beautiful places, and marvelously intelligent minds. But some times the intelligent mind is constructive and sometimes it may be destructive.


India has been hit by terror at many instances, sometimes its Mumbai, or Jaipur or the Silicon City Bangalore or the premier management institute place Ahmedabad. Recently, it was the real height when Bangalore and Ahmedabad were head on consecutive days.

In this scenario, the employees are stricken badly by this terror shock as people from all over India and even abroad come to these metros for working they may feel and consider going back to their native and look for some other means for earning the livelihood. Also, the stakeholders of the company may think of shutting their offices down in these places and move to places where things are cheaper and comparatively safer.

HR department who always has to maintain a dual focus – one towards the employees and the other towards the stakeholders, is in a crucial position at this point of time. They have to maintain a high morale of both the parties i.e. employees as well as stakeholders. Let’s take the cases one by one. Taking the approach downside up towards the organization, we will take the employees first.

In this situation, the primary goal is to keep the employee moral high. HR can use certain means which may prove to be very useful.

One on one Counseling – HR can call employees for one on one counseling and can let them know that this is a temporary phase and if bright employees like them start leaving the organizations like this, company may shut down their offices and can move to some other place and ultimately the loss will be ours. We will loose on opportunity and prosperity.

Behavioral Trainings - HR can arrange for behavioral trainings which may help the employees to get out of this situation. This may be something like motivation training, crisis management training, etc. These trainings do magic in disguise.

Extra Benefits - As per the basic definition of FBP (Flexi Benefit Plans), these are such benefits which are not part of the employee’s salary but are given through means other than cash. You can arrange for a one day outing or can propose a plan for a company sponsored trip to some tourist place for the best performing employee.

  Extra Security Measures - HR should beef up the security cover for the company premises by arranging for extra security measures. This will help in building a good rapport of the company in employee’s view and will improve the understanding of employee towards company and hence will reduce the attrition factor.

Now let’s turn the table and look towards the stake holders. Normally, the first focus of this class is profit and then they consider the aspects of the business.

Addressing the stakeholders on the crisis may be a manner to convince, in such a manner that they should be able to convince them on this temporary phase of business. HR should convince the stake holders that the company is ready for such crisis management and this disaster is not such big that it can’t be handled. Also, HR can convince that in spite of this crisis the work is not going to dip as they have introduced such plans which will help in keeping the production high and at the same time they will encourage the employees with some small yet effective incentives. They can convince that these incentives won’t put any extra pressure on the company’s budget.

Also, to ensure them about the security of the premises and also to take out any worries about any legal complications, you can present an improved security plan to them which may ensure a fool proof protection. They won’t mind spending a bit extra to strengthen there long running business.

As HR is the human face of any organization, the role of HR in any such situation is very important. They should be very careful about anything they do or say as even a small mistake can lead to a complete misconception about the company policy and trigger a chain reaction which may harm the company business.

So, in this time of crisis the HR department should extend their helping and understanding hand towards the organization to make the business run smoothly and also, lets don’t get panic and face this situation boldly and BE ALERT AT ALL MOMENT OF TIME BECAUSE WE ONLY CAN FIGHT SUCH SITUATIONS.

Contributing Writer:  Rohit Minton is working as Assistant HR in the Group HR department of the Amicorp group. He has done his bachelors in Spanish Language and is now pursuing his MBA in HRD.  [email protected]

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