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Team Building Exercises to Motivate Employees

The success of a company, to a large extent, depends on the commitment, job satisfaction and morale of its employees. Happy individuals make valuable employees who in turn, give their 100% to their jobs. With mounting work pressures and stressful work lives, many people begin to underperform and lack the drive to rise in their careers. This can become a major problem for employers.

Hence, it is essential for every employer to provide plenty of opportunities to its employees to stay motivated, excited and satisfied in their jobs. The HR department can play an important role in building and improving team spirit by organising team building exercises every once in a while. Of course, this endeavour will be incomplete without the active participation of the co's head / department heads.

Here are some simple activities through which employers can motivate their employees and build a sense of team unity in their organisation –


1. Open Discussion - Time to Share Ideas – Atleast once a month, the department heads should organise an open discussion forum where team members have the opportunity to share their ideas and views on important topics. A lot of good can come out of such frank and uninhibited discussions.



2. Quiz & Games - Relaxation & Recreation – A little recreation can do wonders for tired and over worked employees. Once every fortnight, there can be a little time allotted to Quizzes and Q&A sessions. Moreover, if space and budget permits, a section of the office space can be converted into a recreation zone where employees can take a break by indulging in some physical sports such as Table Tennis, Carom, etc.

What’s more, you can even organise races and matches between members of different departments as this helps in building team spirit and gives employees a wonderful opportunity to enjoy themselves - a great way to show employees that you care about their welfare.


3. Celebrate Success - Incentive to keep up the Good Work – There is no better way to motivate employees than to applaud their achievements. Every time a team meets its goals and targets, their success should be celebrated whole heartedly. Take your team out for a celebratory lunch, announce their success through the company’s intranet or personally congratulate each member. 

4. Plan Offsite Visits - Bring the Team Together Hectic work schedules often leave employees feeling tired and unhappy. Plan yearly offsite team visits to hill stations, spas and wildlife retreats (depending on your company budget). These can be short trips of 3-5 days where employees have the option to bring a family member along with them.

During the stay, plan team games and organize talks by well known speakers. This is a great way to organise team building exercises as well as offers plenty of rest and relaxation. Your employees will surely come back feeling happy, rejuvenated and motivated.

5. Training: Make it a point to send your employees for training and seminars. These activities are good for polishing their current skills and enhancing their knowledge.

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