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Looking for Sales Executives? - Tap these Sources of Recruitment !  


Common Sources for Recruiting Sales Staff

Recruitment refers to employing the right kind and the right number of sales personnel for a sales job. Since recruiting is the first step in the placement of a candidate, it holds a lot of importance and must be done properly.


According to Edwin B Flippo  - Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization. It is therefore clear that, recruitment is the process by which suitable sources of manpower are identified to meet the manpower requirement of a sales organization.

Recruiting Sources Within the Company

  • Current Sales Personnel - A Company's Sales Personnel have a large circle of acquaintances both on and off the job. Hence, they act as an excellent source for  recommending other suitable sales people to join the organisation. Such prospective candidates already know much about the Company policies.

  • Company Executives - Recommendations from sales managers and other executives are other important sources of recruitment. People who work for a Company understand the requirement and are in a position to recommend suitable people to join the organisation.

  • Internal Transfers - This is another common source for recruiting sales personnel from with in the organization. These posts can be filled by personnel from other departments or the non selling team of the sales department who already have excellent product knowledge.

Sources of Recruitment Outside the Company

  • Direct Applications - Many Companies receive applications as well walk in candidates who wish to join the organization's sales team. Such volunteered applications should be processed and interviewed if they meet the basic requirements.

  • Employment Agencies / Consultants - Placement Agencies and Recruitment Consultants have become a good choice for Companies looking for suitable candidates for their organization. To receive good response, the HR manager must provide them with a clear statement of the job objectives and requirement.

  • Educational Institutions / Universities - This is a favourable choice for most organisations who are looking for fresh talent. Company heads approach colleges, universities and Institutes of repute and conduct campus interviews. Such 'on the campus' recruitment is done once a year. Training is provided to the prospective candidates during vacations to give them background knowledge.

  • Employees of Customers - For some companies, their customer becomes a good recruiting source. Such customers recommend personnel in their organization who have reached the maximum capacity in their present employment.

  • Online Job Portals & Websites -  Job websites are a good source of recruitment. Prospective job seekers register themselves with these websites and offer their resumes online. Employers looking for suitable candidates make use of these websites to reach suitable job seekers. Some popular websites include, etc.

  • Sales Force of Competing Companies - The sales people in competing companies act as a logical recruiting choice since they already have relevant sales experience and require minimal training. However, such sales staff have to be offered higher salaries to convince them to leave their present employment.

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