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Ways to Motivate Your Employees

'Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers' ~ Stephen R. Covey

Energized, engaged and enlightened employees are a company's biggest asset, and every succesful business understands this reality. After all, happy and motivated employees go out of their way to do their job well.

I once spoke to the CEO of a mid-size company who complained about having to give a bonus to his employees on festivals and special occasions. He said "And what do I get in return? I don't get any bonus!".

Hearing this statement made me realise that employers often do not realize that their core strength lies in the people who work for them, and hence, fail to motivate their employees - a costly error on their part.

Here are some simple ways to motivate your employees -

  • Interact - Talk to your employees regularly. Understand their needs, discuss their problems and find out their concerns. Daily / weekly discussions can help you to understand your employees better.

  • AppreciateA job well done should be appreciated and encouraged. Just as employees remember harsh words, they remember and cherish appreciation too.

  • Performance Appraisal - If you are the boss, take time out on a regular basis to carry out performance appraisal exercises. Point out mistakes, provide solutions and define expectations.

  • Round Table Discussions - Do give importance to your employee's views, ideas and suggestions. Organise regular brainstorming sessions for your team members and share quarterly goals and objectives.

  • Pay Them Right Pay your employees for what they are worth, and they will be happy to work for you.

It is essential to motivate your employees from time to time to keep them interested, excited and energised. Do it on a regular basis and see the differece it makes to your business success.

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