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Practicing Management Performance

Organizational performance is enhanced through the strategic management of HR. Companies with the best talent generally win. Corporate recruiters and HR professionals often have too many requisitions. Trying to become effectively they all of the planning, sourcing, screening, selection and hiring. Sometimes they get overloaded with unqualified resumes, so, they have to make tradeoffs, and focus on the areas where they deliver the most value to their business.


HR it's about finding, keeping, and developing leaders and managers who add equal amounts of value that makes an organization effective. The HR is employed by an organization to protect the company from scary things such as law suits, unsafe work practices, spending too much money on recruitment and so on; so that, it is determinate to suggest changes for improvements if you want to be taken seriously.

Talent is now recognized as one of the keys to organizational success. Thatís because having the right person, who has the skills, abilities and experience to deliver on business strategy needed is essential, and setting that person in the right position involves developing everybody that works for the organization. Talent and performance management is all about engaging, developing, and inspiring your organizationís most important asset.


HR is the strategic enabler of this engagement, development, and inspiration, but the real work happens in the day to day work of the team, and by the individual employee. HR support their talent strategy pulling together to achieve the business strategy with a direct link between the strategy of the whole organization and the plans for each candidate involved. So that, employees are clear about the impact of their performance and what the consequences are for their development.

In closing we may say that each strategic position is one that makes good use of that individualís strengths, while also allowing opportunity for skill development. Also affords opportunity for flexibility and team participation, and, as we know, high performance of people generates high organizational performance with career paths for key talent and developing a sufficient pool of future leaders were key steps they should take.

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Contributing Writer: Ingrid Charles is an International Account Consultant at Certé Consultants. Her headhunter experience includes over 10 years performing into executive search management positions in different regions around the world in sectors inside of which include manufacturing, oil gas, consumer goods, pharma, chemical, information technologies and entertainment.
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