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Information Technology Leveraging Human Resources in Today’s B-School Campus

With the advent of wireless technology, communication has taken a massive change around every B-school campus. Every computer centre has developed an intranet facility that serves the purpose of an information centre. It is a platform used by the head of the institution, faculty members and the students. All communications (For example: Bulletins, Notices, Results, Internal Marks, Announcements etc) are routed through the intranet, thereby reducing time and paperwork.


Everyone is provided with a user-id to access the intranet. The course plan, marks, notes, assignments and announcements are uploaded by the faculty members for the students’ access. Circulars, monthly report and messages from the director are accessible by the faculty members. Apart from this, there are various links either giving important information or downloadable forms.

The bulletin board is updated with forthcoming events of the institution. Other information on the intranet includes – Library and Computer Centre circulars, survey and discussion forums.

Every student and faculty member has a laptop with wireless technology. Almost all B-School campus is Wi-Fi enabled, therefore students are provided with an anywhere-anytime connectivity to the intranet. In classrooms, On-line tests are conducted using wireless connectivity.

The presentation slides are uploaded on the intranet and the students download it before the class begins. All faculty members and students use laptops which eliminates the need for a desktop system for normal use and the internet. This increases the overall productivity at the B-School. A lot of space is saved in the classroom.


There are projects and assignments that students have to do, Wi-Fi connectivity provides access to the institution server from anywhere in the campus. An external Wi-Fi hotspot is located anywhere inside the campus enabling students to access the instititution network and the internet 24hours.

Students are encouraged to submit assignments and communications by e-mail. This helps reducing paperwork and in preserving the documents. Students send e-mails to the Director, faculty members or the during the summer project that is a great boon for interim review of the project.

 In turn, instructions by the concerned project guides are given through e-mail. All hostels are normally connected to the main institution building over a distance of about 1.5 Km. A point-to-point connectivity is provided by the outdoor antennae.

Wi-Fi Hotspot towers located near the hostels provide seamless roaming connectivity to students' laptops. Students have their peer-to-peer connection which they use to share files among themselves.

Contributed By:  Priya Shanmugam, Independent Human Resource Professional based at Bangalore, INDIA E-mail: [email protected]

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