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Interpersonal Skills of Men & Women in Health-care sector

Dr.R.Krishnaveni & Ms.R.Thamaraiselvi

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The survey also shows that the level of responding skills vary between the Doctors and Nurses. There are 19.98% of Nurses with good responding skills and only 18.84% of Doctors with the ability to respond to others in hospitals. It can be inferred that Nurses are better in responding skills when compared to the Doctors and this may be that Nurse are having a mind set to provide timely help and also may be well trained to the anticipated responses. V. V. Suggestions:

Communication is a two way street which paves way to success in any organization. However this communication survey undertaken in medical profession brings out some discouraging points that can influence the professional relationship. So following are some of the remedies suggested to boost the interpersonal levels of the Doctors and Nurses:

• The five basic skills – focusing, interpreting, analyzing, responding and remembering are necessary for both Doctors and Nurses to bring out success in terms of effective services in the hospitals. It can be understood from the inferences that Doctors need to recognize their week areas, create interest and take initiative for increasing their interpersonal levels. All the skills are equally important for the men and women in this profession to make a complete skill set of effective communication. So the idea of inculcating these soft skills into the individuals during their academic training can be strongly recommended. This paves way to incorporate the acquired skills in their professions aptly when communicating with others. Prevention is always better than cure.


• An awareness camp can be organized for Doctors and Nurses individually to have an insight into the causes of communication disasters, their consequences on the management, customers and members of the organization and also bring out concrete solutions for some specific problems found prevailing in their respective institutions.

Communication behavior of individuals can highly depends upon some personal factors like attitude, beliefs and values and some social factors like culture, environment and norms. Hence the respondents may take care of their controllable factors and try to manage the unmanageable situations successfully through creativity, innovations and techniques like Transactional Analysis, Nero Linguistic Programming.

This can help them to avoid conflicts with their colleagues and chaos with their patients.

The Doctors and Nurses may vitalize their communication skills by updating their knowledge areas, developing a You Attitude and also constantly monitoring their skill set to meet the current competitive corporate situations. It may enable them to speak with confidence, think positively, listen with empathy and react appropriately with others. They can overcome the barriers in the process like fear, hesitation, loss of words, deferred responses etc.

VI. Conclusion The bed rock of good communication is the ability to motivate, persuade, influence, listen and create understanding during the process. There is a study by T.R. Ruberman published in the Journal of American Medical Association that reveals that “Heart disease is more common among people who do not possess strong Interpersonal Communication Relationship”. As health-care providers, Doctors and Nurses should realize the need for effective interactions in their day to day lives and determine their interpersonal levels to meet the corporate challenges. They also need to fine tune their communicative approach towards their colleagues, patients and technical staffs to transform their knowledge into actions through excellent interpersonal communication skills.

This study can help the respondents to know their level of communication with others and also identify the lacking skills in them. Then try to develop the essential skills in order to attain the organizational goals in a smooth way. Thereby the Doctors need to improve their responding skills and the Nurses with their interpreting skills to prove their potentials in the competitive grounds. The thrust areas of their interpersonal levels are also revealed through this survey to facilitate the respondents in the medical profession to transform their skill levels from poor and average to become excellent in all their professional interactions with others. Hence some feasible ideas are recommended at the end of the study for creating awareness in the required areas through training and development to broaden the soft skills of the Doctors and Nurses. Ultimately the initiative taken for enhancing their skills can help them to build trust and maintain good relationships with the Management, Superiors, Colleagues, supporting staffs and especially with patients in professional settings. To conclude, Interpersonal communication skills are one of the useful domestic equipment that can be optimized for creating a “Conflict-Free” working environment.

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Contributing Writer : Ms. R. Thamaraiselvi - Faculty with more than 12 yrs of teaching management to graduates and executives. An efficient Corporate Trainer in human resource area. A free lancer to some of the leading publications in India. Pursuing Phd in the Organizational behavioural area.

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