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Ingredient for Success – Thirst for More Knowledge

Though nobody says that all successful people is well educated of any type, we think it is a very necessary ingredient for success, of course. You might be noticed that most of the wealthiest people in the world are not that much educated, you can see examples as well. The wealthiest human on earth, Bill Gates was a Harvard dropout, historically famous American author Mark Twain dropped out of elementary school and looking to the Indian Scenario, the founder of prominent Indian conglomerate Reliance, Dhirubhai Ambani is not much educated to the standard of what we think he should have. There are many examples to prove this. From the above we can see that these successful people didn’t have the traditional formal education, which many people think so valuable these days, what they lacked, they made up for with seeking out knowledge and never stopping their thirst for more and more knowledge.

The common mistake these days for many people and parents that they are thinking that getting a college degree will guarantee their kids success. We strongly stick to this fact, if you see these words of wisdom that were I seen in a magazine that “College trains you to be a good employee. It doesn’t train you to be wealthy.” We can have whatever education and earn various certificates from colleges; however the colleges do not educate people how to be wealthy, there are other factors as to how to become wealthy, like the will to learn from every sources, from wherever possible.


Successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, regardless of formal education, all have something in common—the willingness to continue learning and enhancing their core competencies. Knowledge is the most valuable investment that you own, and we are not talking about some university course. Knowledge can come from a variety of sources. Even most of the people hate to go to boring lectures in colleges, many of us skipped the boring lectures when we were in college days and even then we passed all our courses with good marks, just by reading the materials or from the tuitions we attended. Books were and still are most peoples’ passion and many people consume them like their food. This is the same way with many successful people out there; they find ways of learning that suit their learning style.

One of the problems of traditional schooling is that people often do what it takes to get the degree, as most of us did, but they don’t invest the time towards actually getting the education. After the degree is received, people get relaxed and think that their learning is finally over. They go out into the world and find that they spent 5/6 years of their life learning nothing that can be applied to the real world realities. To be successful in life requires a commitment towards life-long learning and for this college educations do not help us in anyway. The people who are successful realize that their learning will never stop and they continuously learn various things from every possible source. They find the way that they enjoy learning and pursue it passionately, always looking for opportunities to enhance their knowledge and invest in their own personal growth.


Successful people do more than just absorb knowledge, though. They also apply that knowledge to the real world. They attach the books and tapes with them from the rest of the world for days on end and absorb that knowledge; but after it is done, they apply that knowledge either to seminars or their writings or with their private consultations. And the knowledge that they acquired through their life help them to be a better teacher, a better consultant, and a better friend, and it promotes them for their own self-growth and enhances all of their personal relationships as well.

Follow your passions by developing and enhancing your core competencies—the things that you are great at doing. Figure out what kind of learning method suits you best and then immerse yourself in that learning environment. Learning is much like working out at the gym: You have to practice it regularly and make it a rule of health to do it consistently. If you are following your passion, then learning will also be a passion for you.


I read somewhere that even watching the birds and animals in the sanctuaries and parks can teach you something suit to the real world, then next time when you visit such places, you take a look around and see how the surroundings inspire you.

Contributing Writer: Satish Nair, I am working in a Indian MNC and I like to read and write inspirational articles. [email protected]

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